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AffSpace Affiliate Program: Everything You Should Know

Are you looking to monetize your online presence while providing value to your audience? If so, let us introduce you to the AffSpace affiliate program.

AffSpace Facts

Here are key facts about the AffSpace program:

  • AffSpace is a great choice among top affiliate marketing programs designed to help both for beginners and skillful marketers earn commissions by referring customers to its products.
  • It operates worldwide, with points of interest being the USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Also, it affects Tier-2 countries like Latin America, Turkey, UAE, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.
  • The special tracking program monitors and tracks all activities of clients who click on an affiliate's tracking links. It provides exhaustive statistics, data on conversions, and payouts.
  • Affiliates are rewarded based on specific actions completed by referred clients, such as making a purchase or submitting lead information.
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AffSpace Features

If you’re interested in what features AffSpace has, look no further. We collected the best ones below:

  • High-paying affiliate program with commission payout based on CPA and RevShare models.
  • Ideal for maximizing earnings, catering to various users such as marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.
  • Affiliates utilize unique tracking affiliate links and creatives to refer potential customers.
  • Commissions are earned by affiliates for successful referrals or sales made through their unique tracking links.
  • Affiliates are responsible for introducing potential clients to AffSpace products and encouraging them to click on their unique tracking links.
  • A lifetime commission of 10% of your referrals, offering ongoing passive income opportunities.
AffSpace Affiliate Program

AffSpace Niches

AffSpace program offers versatile solutions across various areas, including parental control, phone tracking and creating different software solutions. It provides features to enhance safety, productivity, and digital privacy.

  • Parental control and child safety: AffSpace offers products with monitoring features for online activities, like uMobix and Glassagram. It also offers tools and services designed to monitor and manage online and mobile activities, branching out to tracking your target’s actual land location.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): AffSpace products focus on software solutions delivered over the internet, providing efficient and accessible services to users.
  • Software: AffSpace promotes different types of computer programs and applications designed to monitor and manage your target’s internet safety.
  • Mobile apps: AffSpace concentrates on creating mobile device apps with a diverse range of functionalities and services, and some of them you can easily get from AppStore and Google Play.
  • Phone tracking: AffSpace products specialize in solutions related to monitoring and tracking mobile phones for various purposes, including security and parental control.

Why Join the AffSpace Affiliate Program?

Why Join AffSpace Affiliate Program

While AffSpace is a great option among top affiliate programs, which offers a variety of useful features and great benefits, we recognize that not everyone can be 100% sure whether to join the program or not. That’s why we decided to help you with your decision in the list below:

  • Gain access to a selection of over 15 high-quality in-house products, with 35+ offers in its portfolio and 725+ partners.
  • Benefit from a generous 120-day cookie tracking period, ensuring that affiliates can earn commissions within this timeframe.
  • Reach out to a worldwide audience, enabling affiliates to promote products to customers around the globe, tapping into diverse markets.
  • Enjoy a quick and straightforward sign-up process.
  • Receive dedicated assistance from a Personal Success Manager, who will address any concerns, provide guidance and optimize your strategies.

Payout Structure

Join AffSpace Affiliate Program
  • RevShare %: AffSpace is one of the best high-paying affiliate programs, offering 45% and higher payout for the first payment.
  • 25% payout for recurring sale: With a 25% commission for recurring sales, your ongoing efforts are continually rewarded, creating a reliable income stream.
  • Average check of $80: This will ensure that each successful referral contributes significantly to your earnings.
  • From $3 payout per sale for a trial subscription: This provides a competitive incentive for you to explore the program offerings, aligning with the needs of your audience.
  • Up to $50 CPA payout per sale: This structure reflects the value attributed to successful conversions.

Payout System

  • Payout eligibility: New affiliates qualify for payouts after making their first 5 sales.
  • Hold period and minimum payout: Payouts undergo a 2-week hold period, adhering to industry norms, with a minimum payout of $100.
  • Payment frequency: Affiliates choose payment frequencies like weekly, monthly, and more, with Wire Transfer starting monthly.
  • Payout options: AffSpace offers varied payout methods via Payoneer, PayPal and direct bank transfers.

Who Can Benefit from the Affspace Affiliate Program?

The AffSpace affiliate program opens up an exciting opportunity for a lasting partnership to:

  • SEO specialists: The program seamlessly integrates with content-driven platforms, allowing for the smooth promotion of products.
  • Social media influencers: Introducing your audience to high-demand products can be a double win for you! It adds even more content to your account on any platform like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Media or CPA Networks: The program can definitely help you put your skills to good use to drive targeted traffic and boost conversions effectively.
  • Versatile marketers: This program's adaptability caters to various strategies that can be involved with affiliate marketing websites, fostering an environment for innovation and advancement.

AffSpace Products

As we stated previously, AffSpace has 15+ different products you would definitely be interested in. However, it also has top-three flagman tools that we will share with you below. 



Among all of the anonymous Instagram story viewers, Glassagram is the best pick. This app doesn’t require you to download anything or create a fake Insta account.

Instead, its perks get more interesting the more you put it to work! It allows you to check out your target’s stories while staying undetected, browse their posts and comments, and even have your own chart with an analysis of who and when interacted with their account.

What’s more, it lets you download the stories directly to your gadget and saves them for up to 3 months online. And don’t be concerned that it can’t handle private accounts because it definitely can. 



When turning to mobile trackers, your target’s safety is usually what comes to your mind first. uMobix is a great platform to use when you’re concerned about your child’s presence on the internet, or if you’re not sure that your partner is being harassed by an ex.

This tool lets you view call history, sent and received messages, gets you access to their social media account without them knowing, and even shows you deleted data if you’re interested in those.

Lastly, with uMobix, you can take full control of your target’s device, making sure that the content they see on the net stays appropriate and there’s no threat to them whatsoever.


Finding people you love quickly and easily can sometimes be a must, and offers you the best solution.

It never asks you to download an app, instead, all you have to do is input your target’s phone number, after which they will receive an SMS asking if they agree to share their location. And that’s it.

You will immediately be notified where your loved one (or an employee, if you’re a particularly strict boss) is; you may either stay anonymous or make them know that you keep an eye on them.

How Can You Join the AffSpace Affiliate Program?

Apply for AffSpace Affiliate Program

Starting with AffSpace is an easy process that requires 4 steps. While none of them are rocket science, we will still explain each of them below.

  1. Provide your account details: Here, you should submit your work information, such as your company name (or yours, in case you work as a sole proprietor), your website, address, and phone number. Note that some of the fields are required and cannot be slipped. After you check the Cookie Consent box, you’re good to proceed to another step.
  2. Provide your user details: This one is easier, created mostly so you’d be quicker to reach out to. Here, you should provide your first and last name, an email address and create a password.
  3. Answer additional questions: These are for the company to understand your workflow better. Here, you should explain whether you worked in the mobile parental control niche earlier, how do you plan to promote the product, what are your traffic sources, how did you find the program and what are your Skype/Telegram username.
  4. Agree to the privacy policy: You know the drill – first you read it, then you agree to it. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with Terms and Conditions, and consent and allow to use your or your company’s information.

Final Words About AffSpace Affiliate Program

AffSpace presents a great opportunity for those seeking to monetize their online presence through involvement in the top affiliate marketing companies. With a focus on uMobix products, AffSpace offers a platform for affiliates to earn commissions by referring customers.

The program's global reach, diverse product offerings, and generous commission structures make it an valuable option for marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs alike. By joining AffSpace, affiliates gain access to high-quality products, personalized support, and the potential for ongoing passive income.

AffSpace Affiliate Program – FAQs

1. What is AffSpace?

AffSpace is an affiliate marketing program designed to help individuals earn commissions by referring customers to its products, specializing in areas such as parental control, data security, and mobile phone tracking.

2. How does AffSpace operate?

AffSpace operates worldwide, with points of interest being the USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Tier-2 countries, utilizing unique tracking affiliate links to monitor and track client activities. Affiliates are rewarded based on specific actions completed by referred clients, such as making a purchase or submitting lead information.

3. What features does AffSpace offer?

AffSpace offers a high-paying affiliate program with commission payouts based on CPA and RevShare models. Affiliates benefit from a lifetime commission, unique tracking links and creatives, and a wide range of product niches, including parental control, SaaS, software, phone tracking, and mobile apps.

4. How do I join AffSpace?

Joining AffSpace is a simple process involving the following steps: providing account details and user details, answering additional questions about your promotional strategy and traffic sources, and agreeing to the privacy policy and terms.

5. Who can benefit from the AffSpace Affiliate Program?

The AffSpace affiliate program is ideal for SEO specialists, social media influencers, media or CPA networks, marketing agencies, and versatile marketers looking to monetize their online presence and drive targeted traffic to its products.

6. What are the payout structures for AffSpace affiliates?

AffSpace offers competitive payout structures, including RevShare, recurring sale commissions, trial subscription payouts, and CPA payouts, ensuring that affiliates are rewarded for their efforts and contributions.

7. What are AffSpace flagship products?

Among AffSpace's flagship products are Glassagram, uMobix, and, each offering unique features and functionalities for monitoring online activities, ensuring digital privacy, and tracking mobile devices.

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