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If you are considering building your own website, you stand to gain many benefits. You'll have full control over the design, layout, and content, which means you can tailor it to suit your brand and vision. You'll also gain valuable skills in web development and design that can be useful in your other projects. 

When building your own website, you'll have the ability to update and modify it as often as you like, ensuring that it stays current and relevant to your audience. This page is dedicated to those of you who want to give it a go and build your own website.

The features below give you the content, the templates, the platform, and our help, so you have all the tools to get you started on your new website.

Your Platform

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We've partnered with Duda; the best website builder, for you to use to build your own website. This platform is state of the art and features simple to use templates and widgets to get your site looking great in no time. Duda's website builder has an easy editor with rich features for search engine optimization. You don't even need to know how to code!

Your Library

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We've developed a step-by-step library of information for you to follow in setting up your own website. We cover all of the steps required within over 270 articles. Our detailed information provides you with advice, explanations, recommendations, and much more. Use this free library as your go-to source for building your own website.

Your Checklists

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Any business needs to follow a process and include all of the important steps. So, we created a large resource page of checklists for you to use in building your own website. We've set these out in the order you will go through in developing your website and again they're 100% free to download.

Your Templates

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There is no point in reinventing the wheel! So, we built up a vast library of templates for you to use for free. These cover the important documents like a Business Plan or Privacy Policy and all are templated and ready for you to download and input your business's information.

Your Helper


If you get stuck and need help in building your own website and business growth then we offer a coaching support program customized to what you need. Blair works with individuals to help them overcome the roadblocks stopping them from getting their art online and selling. 

Looking for all the equipment to set up your home office? We've created a resource page with all of the tech which we use and recommend to help you run your own website business

If you want a range of free tools to help with your online business then we created our Tools page which has a heap of useful tools to make your life easier and your website run better.

Looking for recommendations on software to use in your online business? We created our Resource page to show you all of the top players in software you may need to set up and grow your online presence

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