Buy a Website Business

Buy a Website Business

Purchase an Existing Website!

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The fastest way to get online is to buy a website business, as it has the benefit of already having an established audience and revenue streams. By purchasing an existing website, you can skip the initial setup and development stages and focus on growing and scaling the business. 

Additionally, you can benefit from the previous owner's experience and insights, and avoid common pitfalls that come with starting a new website from scratch. However, it is important to conduct due diligence and evaluate the website's performance and potential before making a purchase. 

Below are a number of options for you to browse existing websites and stores which are currently for sale, and ready to buy right now!

Already Earning? - Websites Already Making Money


If you want a website that is already making money then these listings are for you. There is a wide range of niche websites which our friends at Flippa have listed for sale right now! This is the most popular approach to buy a website business.

Click on the link below to go straight to the listings and have a look through them. You can buy a site and run it as it is, or add your own products to it to boost its earning potential and the exposure of your brand online.

Prebuilt Sites? - Websites Built and Ready to Go


With help from our friends at Human Proof Designs, we've got a range of prebuilt websites to choose from. These sites are all set up and live but are a lot cheaper way to buy a website business because they are mostly not generating money yet.

These sites are perfect for people who don't want to wait to have a website built for them but also don't want to pay big money for a site that's earning income already. These are the sweet spot; all set up and ready for you to add your brand and product to.

Not Sure If It's A Good Buy? - Our Due Diligence Service

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If you're unsure if an existing website is a good buy for you or not, then we offer our Due Diligence Service to help you decide. Blair will examine each important area of the website that you're looking at buying and report back to you on the site's good and bad points.

Make sure to not buy a website business that's got issues, and use this service as a perfect cross-check for your peace of mind.

Buy a Website Business

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