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If you're wanting to build your own art business online, then the Business Library is set up to provide you with all the step-by-step advice you'll need. 

This free library is dedicated to helping you navigate the online start-up world in a clear and enjoyable way. Not only do we break down the start-up process, but we also delve into you and give ways for you to stay fit and healthy in your business and have some fun along the way.

How does it work? This library is set out in journey steps which are the stages you will go through in starting up your online art business. You can easily navigate these via the bullets on the left or via the navigator in the sidebar of each article. You choose what stage you're at or what information you need and then jump into the content. If starting out fresh, then begin at Step 1 and work your way through.

We built out The Library to be focused on anyone building an online business, so even if you're not an artist, then this content is still relevant for you.

Click on any step in the navigator below to get started!

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