Buying a Website? Let Me Check it for You

If you're looking at buying an existing website, then having a website assessment or commonly known as due diligence, is an important step to ensure you don't buy a bad site. Getting an experienced 3rd party to examine the details of the website can open up things that you may've missed or not considered.

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I'm Blair Quane and, I have experience in doing due diligence on over 100 websites in all different niches and business models. I have a refined and proven method of assessing and looking for issues and oportunities from the site you are looking to buy.

Whether this is a single website you're keen on, or a whole portfolio, I can provide you with an unbiased view of how good the site is and what is is potentially worth. This provides you with peace of mind in knowing you're buying the right website at the right price.

How We Work Together

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1. Questionnaire

You provide some information about the website to me via our standard 5min questionnaire.


2. S.W.O.T Analysis

I will research and analyze the website and its history and features in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This gives a thorough overview of the website.


3. Valuation

Based on the features, business model, revenue and expenses, I will provide a valuation range to give you an idea of what the website should be worth on the open market.


4. Recommendation

Based on the SWOT and valuation results, I will provide a recommendation for whether I believe the website would be a good asset for you to buy or not.


5. Report

The information above will be presented to you in a presentation report for you to easily review and make decisions on. I am available for ongoing questions you may have from my findings.

You get all of the above for a one-off cost of only $199.00

This is a small price to pay for what is likely to be a significant investment for you in buying a website. 

You're going to be spending thousands of dollars on buying a website, so before you commit:

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I wasn’t really sure what to look for in the technical side of the ecommerce store I wanted to buy. This service was awesome as it looked into all of this for me! Thanks for the help. 

– Judith Read


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Emily and Blair exceeded our expectations with their thorough website due diligence, swift turnaround time, and outstanding collaborative approach.

– Lucas

If you're serious about buying an existing website, then you need to be serious about checking it well before spending your money. I will find the issues, tell you what needs fixing and give you ways to improve the website, in one report.

What do you have to lose?

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