“Although Facebook can be a time waster, we focus on using it for our business activities. When used in this way, it is a great resource to find and communicate with likeminded online business owners.

There are a raft of groups on Facebook which we belong to and individuals we follow. It’s a great way to ask questions and get answers from a variety of people across the world. Kind of an international chat group. We encourage you to check out the Facebook groups and individuals below and join or follow them for tips, tricks and inspiration for your business.”

– Blair


Amy Porterfield

Online marketing and coaching specialist

Gary Vanderchuk

Thought provoking forward thinker

Neil Patel

Everything SEO and online marketing

Russell Brunson

Marketing expert and Clickfunnels creator

Marie Forleo

Motivator, coach and online trainer

Tim Ferris

Mindfulness, mindset and mentality author


Site creation group (apply to join)

Rock Your Brand

Brand building group (apply to join)

Tony Robbins

Inspirer of all – life and business strategist

Noah Kagen

Live chats about everything online

Boss project

Templates and organisers galore

Chalene Johnson

Motivational speaker and life changer

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