Introduction to Drawing

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8 Lesson Videos + Worksheets


Introduction to the Course

In this video, you get to meet Emily, your teacher for the course as she introduces what you'll be learning.


Equipment & Set Up

In this video, Emily will go through the equipment you'll need to do the overall course content. She will also talk about the best room set up to ensure you maximize your drawing journey.


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Drawing Techniques

In this lesson, you will learn quick ways to create sketches and ideas for future work. This is an essential way of recording your ideas as an artist. You will also gain some knowledge about appropriate light, shadow, texture, and form.


Lesson 2 - Developing Observational Drawing

In this lesson, you'll learn how to observe an object/image properly to understand its shape and form. You will learn how to simplify objects to make them easier to look at and draw, how to use the grid method to accurately proportion your drawing, as well as some valuable shading techniques to make your drawing look 3D.


Lesson 3 - Detailed Mark Making

In this lesson, you'll learn and develop ways of adding texture and tone to your drawing to make it look expressive and realistic as well as how and why tone is important to bring your drawing to life.


Lesson 4 - Expressive Mark Making

In this lesson, you will learn how to add feelings and expressions into your drawing by using stick and inks, and how to experiment and develop your skills in a controlled and safe environment.


Lesson 5 - Portrait Drawing

This lesson focuses on how to measure up a portrait accurately and learn how to make estimates around these calculations depending on the person they are drawing. You'll learn some shading techniques, and a process and structure to creating a drawing from start to finish, that’s easy for anyone to manage! We also show how to simplify objects to make them easy to draw.


Lesson 6 - Drawing Close-Up Features

You will learn some techniques on how to observe images for fine details and develop your shading techniques picked up in previous classes, focused on the facial features, like mouth, nose, and eyes, to enable you to complete your portrait drawing.

Lessons via Your Own Dashboard

art tutor

All of the lessons and course worksheets are available via Udemy, a dedicated online course platform so you can be assured of an easy to access and secure dashboard to begin your Introduction to Drawing journey from.

Suitable For All Ages

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Emily has designed this course to be suitable for all age groups from young to old. If you're wanting to start drawing and understand the basics to get you underway, then this is the course for you.

What Our Students Have to Say...

There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question!

Can I access the course multiple times?

Yes! You can login to the course as many times as you like so there is not time limits on when you need to complete the lessons.

Are the worksheets downloadable to print out?

Yes! All of the worksheets can be downloaded to your computer so you can use them as many times as you like. 

Do I need to buy a lot of equipment for the course?

No, this course is able to be completed with just a pen, HB pencil, a pot of ink, and normal printer paper. So, you'll likely have a lot of this at home already.


Can I preview some of the course to see what it's like?

Yes! We have some preview footage available when you click the Buy Now button which takes you through to the Udemy Platform, where you can view the preview.

Is this course for adults or children?
Both! This course has been designed for both adults and children as its set up on skill level, not age.

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