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Do you need some one-on-one help to get your online business going?
Or, are you stuck trying to grow your existing business?
Or are you thinking about selling your business and don't want to make any mistakes?

If you're looking for someone to help guide you around roadblocks. Someone who can answer all your business questions. Someone who can give you sound and effective advice. Someone to give you and your online business direction…

I can help you. If you want to work with an experienced business coach, one-on-one through a proven step-by-step process to start and grow your business, then keep reading.

My name is Blair Quane and I've been online for many years and owned 14 websites. I've grown and sold websites as well as 2 bricks and mortar businesses to the sum of over $1,500,000. So, I have experience in different types of businesses to give you the help you need today.

I have tailored a process that I believe will help you surge forward with your business, with the help and support you need to get there.

Because you actually work with me and not some hired help, there are a limited number of slots available so if you want to get your online journey underway with my support, then let’s do this!

The problem with online courses are that they’re not customized to you and you always have questions that can’t be answered quickly or even at all, so you get frustrated with it and fail or walk away.

Coaches are great but again, most don't provide a detailed level of advice specific to help you and your actual business. You also commonly get pitched to by the coach and then handed over to one of their staff once you’ve signed up for coaching. Also, many coaches are trained to coach but have never actually owned a business themselves.

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One of the things I found the hardest and what Blair helped me with, in creating my photography website, was motivation through the tough times. I found the challenges hard to deal with mentally and it was awesome to be given some guidance and support from someone who actually cared about me and my dreams. The added bonus to this is my website sales have doubled during this time!

– Stacy B



Here I was sailing along selling my hats on Amazon and had little care or knowledge around tax and legal set up for this until I saw a post from emilyandblair about the issues sellers could face if these areas weren’t considered. The fines I avoided saved me over $1500 alone! The content on their site, as well as the phone sessions, were just what I needed to deal with this problem.

– Jay Heems

So, What Do I Do Differently?

Jane R


I really struggled with self belief and imposter syndrome. This held me back from starting my own home-based art and craft business. Blair has been pivotal in working with me and breaking the process into small achievable chunks which has put my mind at ease and reduced the scariness of my big end goal.

– Jane R

One-On-One: What I Offer

I have tailored my one-on-one guidance into the three main areas of a business's lifecycle so you can utilize my help no matter what stage you’re at in your business.

We simply choose one of the three stages below which bests align with where you’re at in your online business.


Start Up
Foot In The Door

This stage is for those starting out on their online business journey. We focus on getting you set up and underway with your business along with setting some 12-month goals and begin working on those.

I have started a number of online businesses from eCommerce to affiliate marketing and know the areas to focus on to get the best start.


Scaling the Existing

This stage is for those who already have a business underway and are looking to grow it. We focus on identifying the areas to grow and methods to do this as well as areas where savings can be made.

I am currently in the growth stage with 3 of my existing website businesses and have a number of tactics I use to get the consistent and stable growth I need.

The Exit
Setting up to Sell

This stage is for those who have a successful existing online business and are looking to set it up for sale in the future. We will focus on a roadmap to a sale date and plan the steps to be implemented to strengthen the business for better sales results.

I have personally prepared and sold a number of online businesses and have developed a successful roadmap to prepare businesses for the exit.

All 3 Stages Include:

You can cancel at any time, no fixed contracts here.

I have a limited number of these packages available, so if you need help with your business, click the link below to book a 30min consultation call.

Your Commitment to Me –
Take a Look in the Mirror!

Let's face it, most people quit. If you're a time waster, if you're lazy, if you don't have the stamina to be better than the rest, then don't bother making contact.


1. If you’re committed to turn up and do the work – I’ll return that commitment in spades.

2. If you’ll ask for help when you need it – no question is dumb, it’s only dumb if you don’t ask it.

3. If you fall, and get up and give it another bash – I'll be holding out the hand to help you up.

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Questions? Here's Some Answers:



I’m not one for testimonials but I did want to give you guys a big shout out for the support you’ve given me and making me be answerable for my business progress. As a laid back guy, I needed someone to keep me focussed and you nailed this! Awesome job. Catch up on Friday for our monthly session.

– Shawn G



Blair is great for throwing a fresh set of eyes on a problem. He is always available and thinks outside the square a lot, which opened my thinking on the growth of my ecommerce business. Thanks to you, I’ve doubled my traffic in under half a year!

– Tonya M



There is just so much clutter and wrong advice out there. I was overwhelmed with it all and ready to give up. I took on the advice from Blair who actually provided me with a clear pathway of steps to follow and jumped right in. I'm now earning an extra $3,000 from my online store thanks to the changes we made. I’ve never been happier. Thanks!
– Yvonne

If you need help in your business then take action and let's chat. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Put you and your business first and let's connect.

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