“Looking for some inspiration from successful online entrepreneurs and website guru's? Podcasting is a great way to hear what people are saying especially for up-to-date content and tips. This page is dedicated to the podcasts who we follow and listen to.

Have a browse and subscribe to any which you take a liking to. There are several good podcasts which cover a lot of the steps to your online journey rather than just one part so you will find a number of these as we see them as great resource.” – Emily


Start Yours is a revealing online store and drop shipping business building podcast from the team at Oberlo. they cover a huge range of topics, interviews and key insights into running online stores.

We also recommend you check out their website resources at www.oberlo.com as we’ve found them useful in building our webstores in the past.

– Blair

The $100 MBA Show is a no-nonsense podcast about online business creation. Omar gives tips and tricks from the $100 MBA trainings and shares interviews in a guest teacher format.

This straight up approach is a streamlined practical listen which we love when we just want the info without the fluff!

– Blair

Andrew Youderian focuses his podcast eCommerce Fuel on eCommerce online stores and building these to success through interviews with industry experts and insightful methods to grow your eCommerce business.

We love Andrews approach as he combines serious business ideas with a good dose of fun to make for an interesting and enjoyable listen.

– Blair 

Chase Clymer’s Honest Ecommerce serves up a long list of topics related to eCommerce and techniques to improve your online business.

Chase interviews a range of specialists as well as providing his own tip bits. We like this podcast because of its regular mix of interviews and ‘unprepared’ topics which allow us to pick and choose when we’re all ‘interviewed out’!

– Emily

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a world class podcast for anyone starting a business online. John Lee Dumas focusses the most-part of his podcast on insightful interviews with industry experts covering all areas of online. We like the openness of his approach, so much so, that each month he shares the financial performance of his company. Well worth subscribing to this one!


– Blair

eCommerce Masterplan is a great podcast if you want to hear real world examples of online business owners and their tips and tricks. So much of todays material is based on coaches or courses telling us how to run our businesses. This podcast gives a raw perspective from actual eCommerce sellers which we love.


– Emily

Do you want to be challenged? GaryVee presents a not-so-normal podcast which will change the way you think about online and wider topics.

Now, be warned, Gary doesn’t hold back on dropping the F-word, but we quite like his take and different angle on business, entrepreneurship and what’s hot. Like it or hate it, its worth a go!

– Emily

The Marie Forleo Podcast is a real go to show for all the business motivation, health and life wealth you will ever need. Marie delivers a slick no-nonsense podcast which will inspire you and leave you with a stronger willpower to get out there and take on the world. A great show which we often listen to when things may not be going the right direction and we need some uplift.

– Blair

The Tony Robbins Podcast is probably the number 1 for thinking big. Tony's success is worldwide and nobody has a larger following.

He’s all about achieving massive results in business and shares strategies you can do in your business. Interviews are wide ranging but always relevant and Tony pulls in some big hitters with who shows up on this podcast. If you’re looking to really challenge the boundaries of your businesses potential, then this is a must on your listening list.

– Emily

If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, then you should.

Neil is a master of SEO and provides a heap of free resources and knowledge to help you improve your websites SEO as well as being prepared and reacting to the ongoing online changes by Google and the way they do search.

I always find Neil's emails a worthy read and his Podcasts are even better. This is one guy you don’t want to ignore.

– Blair

Tim Ferris is the creator of the 4 Hour Workweek, a book that reconfigured entrepreneurship and changed a lot of peoples lives in the process.

Tim challenges the norm and provides you with methods to follow throughout your business and life, to result in a happier and more fulfilled self. His interviews are wide ranging to say the least.

I am a fan of the way he goes far and wide in his topics to try to relate these back to everyday life and business. Maybe not for everyone, but I love it for a listen beyond just SEO, marketing and Google this and Google that!

– Emily

One of my favourite topics is creating that healthy work life balance. I just love delving into the areas that make this happen.

The Chalene Show is what this is all about and it delivers with a straight talking no BS way, with a dash of humor.

Whether its focussing on nutrition, focus, family or fun, Chalene packages all of these topics into a handy podcast which I look forward to every week.

– Emily

You want marketing, you got it! Duct Tape Marketing is a solid marketing based podcast which gives some great tips and tricks, each episode, in a way which you can use in your business.

Lots of interviews with leading small business experts ensures that the content is relevant and up to date for you in your online business journey. Go have a listen.


– Emily

Customer and customer retention is key in the online eCommerce space. Kristen LaFrance is an expert in this space and her podcast focusses on best practice for subscription businesses and how you need to be doing it to retain your customers.

I really like the granular focus this podcast has on this particular topic which means the topics don’t just skim over the top but go deep and wide to cover everything in customer retention.


– Blair

Foot Traffic is a podcast focussed on small business success. It is unique because the host, Stacy Tuschi doesn’t just look at online tactics, but also bricks and mortar businesses. I think we can all get so deep in the online space that we forget that we can learn a lot about traffic in the offline space as well and this is why I love this podcast. It helps to reconnect and open our eyes to other business methods beyond the screen. Something we should not lose sight of.


– Blair

Amy Porterfield is a big deal in online marketing. Her podcast focusses on breaking down big ideas and strategies into small usable pieces for you to implement in your business.

Amy provides guidance on list building, digital courses, social media, content creation and so much more.

At the very least this is a good foundational podcast to have in your subscription list.


– Emily

Needing branding tips and tricks? The Business of Branding podcast is a great tool to have in your branding arsenal.

Nikki Arensman is an expert in branding and brings a wealth of knowledge from her own experience, as well as intimate interviews with branding specialists to give you a real go-to podcast for everything branding. I love this podcast because Nikki not only focuses on new branding, but also refreshing existing brands, so this makes her podcast always relevant no matter where my online journey is at.

– Emily

Copywriting is a skill in itself. One we need to master if we are doing our own content creation.

The Copywriters Club focuses on interviewing different copywriters on each episode and they share their secrets and methods for you to implement in your own content creation.

We like this podcast because it is a one stop shop to everything copywriting. What’s working now is different from last year so this podcast is a great way to keep up to date with the latest methods.


– Blair

This podcast is one to subscribe to if you’re doing eCommerce.

Jason and Scot focus on everything eCommerce; they share earnings results from the eCommerce industry and dig deep into the big players online like Amazon, Walmart and Shopify.

We like their focus on just eCommerce so we can get just that sectors details in one easy format.



– Emily

Michael Stelzer hosts this podcast dedicated to Social Media and how to market on the various platforms.

If you’re marketing on Social Media (if not, WHY?) then this is a great one to be subscribed to because the playing field on social is evolving faster than any other medium.

You need to be up to date with trends and changes and this is where podcasts are great for real time info. Subscribe now!


– Blair

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