“Video is super important online. Being able to visualize and show how things are done rather than just in words or audio adds so much to the users experience. This page is a mix of people we follow and advice on how to use YouTube in your business.

Use this as a resource to find tips and tricks from the best in the business or watch various influencers who inspire you in in your online journey.”

– Blair


amy landino

Productivity | Motivation | Full-Time Freedom

Tony Robbins

Catalyst for Change | Strategist for Success

Neil Patel

SEO | Marketing | Traffic

Brian Dean

SEO | Marketing | Traffic

Bryan Elliot

Interviewer and Decoder of Entrepreneurs

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Branding | Being Your Own Boss

Russell Brunson

Traffic Tactician | Funnel Hacker

Roberto Blake

Content Creator | Brand Builder

Pat Flynn

Content Creator | Marketing | Business Builder

Noah Kagan

Business Start-ups | Growth Strategist | Marketer

Erin May Henry

Business Mentor | Mindset Master

Chalene Johnson

– Author | Marketer | Fitness Lover

Justin Brown

Brand Amplifier | Video Creator

Think Media

Content Creators | YouTube Teachers

Vanessa Lau

Content Creator | Social Media Expert

Gillian Perkins

Start-ups | Business Coach | Marketer

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