A Review of PrePostSEO for Your Online Business in 2023

Prepostseo is a content optimization toolkit for content writers. It offers various tools that assist writers in writing, editing, and reviewing their work. It is a well-rounded platform, and all of its tools function properly.

Prepostseo’s tools are all available for free. However, these tools have certain limitations. For example, the free paraphrasing tool can only paraphrase 500 words per submission. This limit can be increased by buying Prepostseo’s premium plan. This plan not only increases word limits for their tools but also unlocks some additional features, such as new paraphrasing modes.

In order to review this premium plan of Prepostseo, we bought the weekly subscription. But before we talk about that, let’s introduce you a little further to some of the platform’s features.

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Key Features of Prepostseo

In this section, we will discuss the features of Prepostseo that a free user gets.

1.      Web Design

Their website has a minimal design. The functionality of all the buttons is also great. The only downside is that there are many advertisements on the tool pages. These ads don’t cover any buttons, but they make the interface very confusing, especially for new users.

Here is an image of how a tool page looks like for a free user.

Prepostseo user

In the above image, all the advertisements have been highlighted. Other than these ads, the work experience is very smooth. All the tools are very responsive.

2.      Language Support

Different Prepostseo tools have different language support. Most of the tools can function in up to 20 different languages. When we select a language, the language on the tool page also changes. You can enter a piece of text in the selected language, and the tool will perform its respective function. The results will be in the same language.

The number of supported languages is the same for both free and paid users.

3.      Main Tools

Prepostseo has over 95 online tools. However, all of them are not for content writing or optimization. Some of them are also for website management. But our main focus is going to be the content optimization tools that are:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Article Rewriter
  • Grammar Checker

Many other tools are available on Prepostseo, but these are the most common ones.

4.      Customer Support

Prepostseo’s customer support team is very important. When a user reaches the website, a floating window is shown to him. By clicking on this window or box, users can communicate with a customer support person. They are usually very responsive and answer a question in under a minute.

Similarly, you can also communicate via email. Both of these contact features are available for both free and premium plan users.

Premium Plan

Now let’s talk about how the premium plan can improve the user experience. Here are the details about its pricing:

Prepostseo pricing

Features in all of the plans are more or less the same, but the number of search queries is different. When you check a sentence or a passage with the help of a tool such as the plagiarism checker, one search query gets used. So, you can choose the plan depending on how much you need to use the tool.

Given in the following is a list of things that are improved with the premium plan.

1.      Improved User Experience

As we mentioned before, the tool pages of Prepostseo have a lot of advertisements that disrupt the workflow and make the interface look quite confusing. This problem is solved in the premium plan.

Once you buy this subscription, you will encounter no ads, and the web interface will become much smoother. Similarly, free users have to complete the captcha verification every time they use a tool. In the premium plan, the need for verification is eliminated, and the results are shown to you much faster.

Given below is an image of the tool page for premium users.


As you can see, there are no advertisements whatsoever, unlike the free plan. In this way, the user experience is improved substantially.

2.      Faster Speed

Because of the removal of captcha verification and advertisements, the results are generated much faster as compared to the free plan. Even when using the deep search plagiarism checker or the AI modes on the paraphrasing tools, the speed of the tool is not disrupted or slowed.

Moreover, the site loading times also improved. This is because now the website doesn’t need to load the ads and just loads the tool.

3.      New Paraphrasing Modes

In the premium package, tools like the paraphrasing tool and article rewriter get new modes. For paraphrasing tool, these are:

  • Creative
  • Smarter

The article rewriter, on the other hand, gets the following new modes:

  • Fluency
  • Creative

These new mode’s are AI-powered, and the changes they make in a text look like a human made them. This is because AI or machine learning technology is able to understand the context of your sentences and edit them accordingly.

4.      API Keys

Prepostseo provides a plagiarism API to premium users. This is a key that can be used to incorporate a Prepostseo tool on another website. So, with the help of this API, you can add a tool on your website that doesn’t necessarily have the same design but works based on the exact same algorithms as the original.

This API key is available among the personal details of your account.

Pros and Cons

In this table, we have summarized all of the positive and negative things about this platform’s premium subscription.

Accurate resultsNew modes only for a few tools
Quick WorkingMany features are the same as the free plan
Smooth user interface 
Multiple AI modes 
API support 
Reasonable Price 

Final Verdict: Is it Worth it or Not?

The premium plan of Prepostseo is worth it. The number of features for such a reasonable price is very impressive. This platform already consists of all the tools that make a content writer’s work easier, but still, some new features can be introduced by purchasing the premium package. These new features will produce results much more accurately and much more quickly.

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