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Leveraging Timber Frame Elements for Aesthetic and Functional Business Spaces

Worker needs are constantly changing in today’s business landscape. There was a huge shift that occurred during and after the pandemic swept across the world, resulting in a large portion of the workforce desiring remote opportunities and aesthetic, functional business spaces.

Even without this new element, the workforce has evolved and become more willing to leave companies if they are not promoting work-life balance. Employers have to adapt to these changing needs to keep their team members happy.

One strategy that is creating healthier workplaces is the use of the outdoors. It is no secret that spending time outside is good for both physical and mental well-being, and workers who experience this tend to be more productive.

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So what does that mean for employers or work-from-home employees? It means we must be proactive in creating aesthetic and functional business spaces using outdoor elements.

One material that emphasizes the natural aesthetic of the outdoors is timber, so it should become a priority as you develop your outdoor spaces, whether you are in charge of a company or need a home office setup that fosters productivity. 

Materials for Functional Business Spaces


A simple way to start with an outdoor space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is with a new pavilion. A pavilion is a structure that features a roof held up by pillars, columns, or posts and open sides.

This allows plenty of fresh air while sheltering those within from extreme sunlight or other types of weather. If you manage a business property, then putting up some timber frame pavilions is a great strategy for encouraging workers to either take breaks outside or bring their work outside.

Perhaps a team meeting can feel less stuffy if it is taking place outside under a beautiful pavilion. The more employees use this business space, the better they will feel physically and mentally, making them more productive. 

Functional Business Spaces


A deck is another structure commonly built using timber frames and is ideal for creating aesthetic and functional business spaces. This can be a particularly strong investment if you work from home and want an outdoor space where you can be productive.

Sitting in your home office and looking out on a beautiful day can make it hard to concentrate on work. However, if you have a nice deck connected to the home, you can enjoy the outdoors while still having surfaces on which you can work on the computer.

On a business property, a deck could be a great gathering place for employees during office parties or lunch breaks. Even if people are not conducting work tasks on the deck, they may be socializing with their coworkers and getting to know each other, which will improve collaboration. 

Pole Barns

Pole barns are used primarily for agricultural businesses, but they can serve many purposes. Their main purpose is optimizing space since they are typically used for storage, but they can easily serve as a workspace.

For example, putting up a pole barn could be the cheapest way to create a workshop for your business. As a bonus, pole barns are pretty low maintenance as buildings, so using them will help optimize business property maintenance.

Pole barns are typically built with timber posts and wooden trusses for the roof, making functional business spaces aesthetically pleasing as well.

Whether you are adding a small pole barn to a business property for equipment storage or building one to serve as a workshop for your side business, these structures are incredibly useful, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing when built with natural materials like timber. 

Functional Business Space


On a business property, signage plays a more important role than you might expect. A sign is helpful in that it identifies the business location for those who walk or drive by. However, this sign can also serve as the first impression of your brand for those who pass by the location.

It is an opportunity to stand out from other businesses. Using a timber frame sign will elevate the natural aesthetic of the wood and help your business stand apart from others who may use boring, cookie-cutter signs on their properties.

Although this structure will not impact internal operations, it could help you get a foot in the door with potential customers by drawing positive attention to the brand via pleasing aesthetics. 

Timber Can Elevate the Work Experience

Wood is a reliable building resource because it is sturdy, renewable, and aesthetically pleasing. It evokes thoughts of the environment and promotes a healthier planet when used for construction rather than materials that must be produced.

If you are a business owner or a work-from-home employee, then creating functional business spaces is important to promote productivity and wellness. Structures like patios, decks, pole barns, and signs can all improve the business in various ways, so consider how timber can elevate the work experience through aesthetics and functionality. 

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