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From Concept to Screen: Practical Video Strategies for Business

Videos account for most of the consumer internet traffic. This means that most people on the internet are likely watching a video. You can use this advantage in your business. Getting to know practical video strategies for business can have a huge impact.

Videos are highly accessible if you take the time and effort to create good-quality ones. Videos are categorized into professional and unprofessional. Ensure you create professional videos. They represent your brand awareness.

This post will explore practical video strategies for business – from the start-to-finish of creating a professional video for your business. 

Practical Video Strategies for Business

Plan for Your Video

Video creation is not just about pressing the record button. There are steps taken to make the last result a success. For this to happen, plan enough for your video production.

Early planning will allow you to have the right professional video to market your business. Planning for a video production involves several steps, as outlined below;

Set a Goal

You need to know why you are making a video even before you start. It could be an ad campaign you are running or bringing out a new product/ service in the market.

Once you set your goals, you will easily define the style you wish your video to take. As noted by the team behind a Singapore Animation Company, some of the styles include animations, motion graphics, visual effects, and others.

If you get a good quality video, you will get to achieve your goals. You may also use the SMART method to check whether you have achieved all your goals within the specified time.

Identify Your Target Audience

Targeting an unspecified audience could go bad for your business. You need to have a specific set of people to talk to. This is mostly true if you are selling products or services to a certain demographic.

You will, therefore, have to break down the audience to ensure you get successful results. The story and editing you use for your business videos highly depend on who consumes your content.

Research Your Topic

The next thing to do is to find the right topic to feature on your business videos. Choosing the right topic or theme will allow you to appeal to your audience while achieving your goals.

You must have a keyword or key phrase that will take over the biggest part of your video. The right keyword research will allow you visibility for your content.

Therefore, it is important to understand the complexities of discoverability in internet searches. You can use some tools like Ahrefs to find the right keywords to target.  

Use a High-Quality Camera

One of the most simple and practical video strategies for business is using the right equipment, specifically, the camera. Different types of cameras produce different video qualities. Therefore, as you create professional videos, ensure they are good quality.

You also need the right skills to shoot your business videos. For small businesses, it is only right to use mobile cameras. You can use them to shoot short videos to post on social media platforms. Mobile cameras are now created with 4K qualities.

These qualities may beat your competitors. However, for big campaigns, you may opt for a professional camera. They have much control over the quality of the videos you create.

A professional camera may also have built-in features that stabilize images, plus changing lenses. These features allow you to have better focus. Viewers are impressed by a good-quality video. They may retain focus when the story is told even better.

Choosing the right camera is crucial, but you should also avoid shaky footage. A top video benefits mostly from stable footage. Shaky videos give out unprofessional vibes.

To beat this problem, you can hire professionals to shoot a video. They get the best advice on how to reduce the chances of shaky footage. They have experience shooting motion pictures, which makes them the perfect choice.

Have Enough Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in a business video. It is hard for a video to look good when it appears too bright or dark. You can use either natural or studio light. Small businesses could mainly benefit from natural lighting.

This is because it does not need any costs. Natural light is also good in making your videos look excellent. However, using natural lighting also has some conditions.

Mostly, shoot outdoors in the golden hours or on a cloudy day. This is because these times produce cinematic and soft light. Additionally, you will have reduced harsh light hitting the face.

On the contrary, you can use studio lighting. Studio lighting is important when you have a larger production capacity scale. A large business has enough investment to cater for studio costs and have better lighting equipment.

Studio lighting does not limit your video production hours. You can produce professional videos during the night to make them appear day-like.

You will also have better editing in a studio video production. Some of the production equipment necessary includes rim lights, key lights, reflectors, flashes, triggers, shapers and softboxes.

Upgrade the Audio Quality

Making a quality business video is incomplete without additional audio. Using the right audio can make your video even more interesting. If you want to make a good sound, use a different microphone.

Avoid using the inbuilt camera’s mic. An external audio recorder produces better quality sounds because it was made for that exactly. You may also use sound effects to create tension and engagement in your business videos.

A business video must explain its message in words. Poor quality video equals watching a video on mute. This makes it hard to understand the content or the message portrayed.

More so, normalize testing the sounds. Testing will help you know that the set-up was correct. Your message needs to be heard by the right audience.

Use Powerful Video Editing

Video editing is like the peak of video production. Video editing software makes the work easier. Invest in good free video editing software for your professional videos.

In video production, you may not have the chance to add subtitles or titles, just to mention a few. However, with the right editing tools, you can add transitions, outros and intros, colour grading and others.

You will be able to stitch to create a more understandable video. Moreover, video shooting may have taken place on different days or even months.

You will, therefore, invest in the right tool to make it appear as if it was made in only a day. You combine everything to make it uniform. However, do not overdo the editing. Ensure you remain authentic.

Improve Your Video Composition

Framing your subject correctly in business videos matters in the end. You should use the 3×3 rule. You should place your subject in one of the intersections a bit far from the middle.

This is because placing them in the middle will create lots of empty spaces around your subject. Also, remember not to have too much space left above the head of your subject. Ensure the subject matter remains the focus of your video.

Video Strategies for Business

Promote Your Videos

Make sure you share your videos with the right audience. This is especially true for business videos. Business owners invest in professional videos to get the word out about their products or services.

Therefore, reaching the right audience should be at the top of the list. In addition, you must optimize these videos for easier visibility. Remember to tailor your keywords to make your videos appear on the first list in searches.

You should also utilize trending hashtags. Trending hashtags are a result of what most people are looking for on the internet. These hashtags will make your content more discoverable.

The format and style with which you use your videos largely depend on the platform you will use. Let’s look at different platforms to promote your business videos;

Groups and Forums

Sharing your videos in groups helps you narrow down your target audience. Some of the groups include Quora, Reddit, and Facebook groups. Before you promote, conduct good research. It should align with the solutions you provide.

The internet offers different groups with different sets of problems. You must ensure that the groups you find have genuine members who may use your services.

It would be frustrating to promote in groups that are unlikely to convert into potential customers. However, avoid spamming these groups to avoid being kicked out.  

Social Media

Social media offers a large number of specific audiences. You can regularly post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to reach targeted audiences.

Each social media platform commands a certain type of user. For example, you can use Facebook to target senior users. You can also create short videos to reduce load time.

Email Marketing

Email lists are used by businesses to share weekly content with their subscribers. Subscribers mean that your audience will appreciate you sharing content with them.

Email marketing will work perfectly because you already have an audience. They purchased from you once; they could do it again. You can also include in the newsletters of new videos posted on various platforms. You should include a direct link to follow.

Lastly, the above-mentioned video strategies go a long way in creating a quality video. Business videos must be professional. This is because they appeal to an audience you desire to purchase from you.

Be sure to make the videos understandable and more engaging. You can hire experienced professionals to have the work done efficiently.

Practical Video Strategies for Business – FAQs

  1. What do I need to produce the right video for my business?

Choosing the right video for your business requires you to plan ahead. Set goals that will produce a desirable end result. Understand what you need to achieve. You should also know your audience. This will help you tailor your content to what they love.

  1. Which equipment is necessary for a professional video?

You can use a quality camera, external audio recorders, and the right video editing software.

  1. Should I use free or paid video editing software?

Paid software is generally more expensive than free software, but it is also likely to have more features, which can be worth the extra cost. The features available can vary greatly from program to program, so make sure to research your options carefully.

  1. Do I need to promote my video content on different platforms?

You can post as many times as possible. However, you should have a schedule. Your audience expects you to post at a certain time. They are, therefore, able to have a little anticipation on when your next video will be dropping. For email marketing, do not spam your subscribers. You may lose the only retargeting option there is.

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