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Vaping Trends – What Direction Are Things Heading In?

If you’ve had your eye on it for a while, you’ll likely have noticed just how dynamic and adaptable the vaping industry has been over the past decade or so. Vaping trends have seemingly popped up out of nowhere, shaking things up from time to time and changing the direction of the industry as a whole.

While we don’t claim access to any prophetic insights, we thought it might be useful to think about where some of these vaping trends might be headed – read on for a few of our thoughts.

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Disposable vapes

When vaping first started to emerge as a trend, disposable vapes didn’t really exist. To get into vaping, you had to get your hands on a relatively complicated vaping device that involved a whole range of different parts and settings, and then work out how to find a supplier of vaping e-liquids.

Things have come a long way since then, and the dominant trend at the moment seems to be a turn towards the use of disposable vapes. A wide range of retailers across the country are sourcing these single-use devices from suppliers such as Wholesale Disposable Vapes, targeting a seemingly constantly growing market.

Vaping Trends

Clearer regulations

A lot of retailers may have had some hesitations about getting into the vaping niche due to often opaque regulatory structures. Luckily, this is no longer such a complex hurdle to have to navigate.

Despite what you’ll likely have come across in the press, regulations covering vapes more generally are quite clear and stable nowadays. There are clear rules on the kinds of vapes that can be sold, the strengths of nicotine, and even the sizes of e-liquid containers that shops are allowed to stock.

As the market becomes more well-established, we can only expect these regulations to become clearer and better communicated by the relevant authorities.

Reliable brands

Another trend that we’re pleased about is the ongoing emergence of reliable, trustworthy brands. A lot of concerns about vaping, especially from a health perspective, were surrounding issues such as popcorn lung and other similarly scary purported side effects.

Pretty much all of the seriously damaging health effects that have gained national and international attention have been the result of poor quality, contaminated e-liquids and malfunctioning devices. 

As well-known brands increase the safety and reliability of the devices they sell, we only expect the market to stabilise further, as consumers are able to become increasingly confident in the products they have access to.


While a lot of people use vapes as an alternative to smoking, we expect to see more and more people turn away from nicotine-containing vapes and just use them for their fun, social aspects.

Whether this turns out to be the case or not is anyone's guess, but we reckon with the increasing popularity of vaping trends, we’re going to see a lot more of nicotine-free vapes.

Obviously, it’s impossible to accurately predict where the vaping world is headed. Markets and trends seem to be highly unpredictable nowadays, and ultimately, it’s difficult to say what will happen.

That being said, we believe there’s reason to believe that the predictions listed above are already playing out, and should continue to do so in the years to come.

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