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Powerful Artist Tips for How to Get Followers on Instagram in 2023

How can an artist become popular and recognised on Instagram? While it is easier to say than do, at first you have to create a profile and consistently post a photo and video content. But how to get followers on Instagram and increase your artwork sales?

Achieving this goal will require a little more than just publishing content. That’s why below you will find tips to help you make your Instagram a powerful tool to promote your creativity. Let’s take a deeper look at the content you have to create and share to grow your Instagram following and become a popular artist on this social media.

An Insider Look Into Effective Instagram Content for Artists

So, the content you are going to publish in your Instagram profile is decisive for your success as a social media artist. Quality and diversification are the two main words to remember when preparing Instagram content. Here is how.

Test Different Content Types

In order to understand what type of content will be most relevant to your audience, you need to test different options. For a beginner blog on Instagram, the most optimal type of content should be considered useful or DIY. Given the specifics, the latter may be the best option for artists. For example, you can post content like this:

  • Two or three DIY videos with a short description.
  • Two or three articles with useful tips for artists or clients. For example, how to choose art materials, or how to choose a picture for the interior.

Test how the audience will react to create your own powerful formula of the content you will promote yourself with.

Publish Your Creative Process

Stories or photo from the process of creating paintings is something that will also be relevant to your profile. For example, you can take pictures or videos of your work and guide your followers from a clean sheet to the final brushstroke. Since Instagram requires a frequent presence, this type of content is a good option to diversify your feed and keep your audience engaged.

Create a Schedule

The last important point regarding content is consistency. Experts recommend publishing content daily in order to stay afloat. Given the specifics of the platform and the opportunity to publish various content, this is a real task.

The best time to post content is morning and evening. However, it should be understood that in the morning, light content without a special meaning will be more relevant. While in the evening it is ideal to post useful and DIY content.

So, create a content publishing schedule. For example, on Fridays, you can post some educational videos. This way your audience will get used to it and expect new content every Friday that will keep your profile alive.

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How to Get Followers on Instagram?

As the next step, let's look at popular tips for attracting followers. How to get followers on Instagram? Below you will find tips with which you attract more qualified subscribers and keep them engaged.

Use Hashtags

Users use hashtags to find relevant content. Analyze the most popular tag queries in the context of your topic and use them for each of your publications. You can also come up with your own unique hashtag that will identify you on Instagram. Hashtags actually work, so there is a need to pay attention to such a promotion tool.

Launch an Advertising Campaign

Targeted advertising works great on Instagram. As soon as the user enters some kind of request or visits the profile, they will begin to see similar profiles in the recommendations. Therefore, it is worth considering such a promotion option that will allow you to attract a targeted audience. Also, you can use the ad from influencers that will help you to get the flow of subscribers.

Add Subscribers Yourself

You can also add subscribers yourself. However, it is worth considering that this method has limitations in quantity and requires time. The bottom line is that you start adding subscribers. Some will follow your profile in response. But you will regularly need to delete those who did not subscribe to you in return. To monitor such a situation, there are various popular apps that allow you to easily manage your subscribers. For example, you can get a list of those you follow without a response. You can use such an option several times a week.

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How to Get Traffic for Your Website with the Help of Instagram?

Now let's discover how to get benefits for your website from Instagram. With the right promotion of your Instagram profile, you can get an influx of traffic to your site. Below you will find some useful and simple tips that can bring results in the short run.

Link to Your Site

Be sure to include a link to your site in your bio. You probably paid attention to the fact that many brand owners, as well as artists, indicate a link to their site in the bio. Therefore, this is undoubtedly the first point with which you need to start.

Post Content Announcements

One of the effective ways how Instagram can bring traffic to the site is to create announcements of publications. For example, you can publish an announcement with a link to your site, indicating that the site will have full information. In a such way, you will keep your audience engaged and promote your site.

Post Unique Offers

Tell the audience about the products that are on your site. If you suggest any promotional offers, then highlight this in your profile and give a link to your site. Users are more active on social media, so this is a chance to increase sales on your site.

Create Promo Codes

Reward your audience with special promo codes for your Instagram followers. Create a special promotional code for your subscribers that they can use to activate the discount. Such special offers for subscribers always work well.

How to Make Money as an Artist on Instagram

If you are a talented person, you can not only earn by selling work and fulfilling orders but also receive money for training and mentoring. Use your Instagram account to post tutorial videos, helpful instructions, and tips. Also, run free or paid marathons where you share your secret tricks.

When you teach, you show your expertise. Thanks to this, you can already attract new followers. In addition, if you are a master at your craft, but at the same time do not want to work on commissions, and only deal with projects that you like, mentoring will be an opportunity to provide for yourself. Don't forget to link to your site to increase the sales and activity of your site.

How to Sell Paintings on Instagram

For a good income, talent is not the only success factor. It is also important to understand marketing and entrepreneurship. Below are some simple ideas for consideration.

Brainstorm Business Ideas

For example, there are many brands on Instagram and small companies that use creative products for promotion, so you can collaborate with them.

Think about where your skill could be used in a business environment. Maybe you can offer unique promo products for the company. Or you can offer a workshop for the team.

There is a need to consider the other direction too. Pay attention to who can pay for your creations as much as they really cost. Consider all possible options for the application of creativity, and develop in these directions. Always try to find new vectors for your development.

Collaborate With Brands

Another option for earning and promoting your profile on Instagram is an exchange or advertising cooperation. Perhaps you're a fan of a particular paint or canvas manufacturer? Contact the brand owners and offer to advertise products in your profile.

It is enough to tell your subscribers how much you love this or that product and you can become an ambassador or receive money for advertising. Perhaps the brand will want to cooperate with you on influencer terms. For example, the brand can provide you with a product for free in exchange for advertising on your blog. So, this is a good direction for your Instagram that you definitely need to try.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have an active plan for how to promote yourself as an artist with the help of Instagram. Use this guide to show you how to get followers on Instagram, how to promote your talent and increase sales. However, keep in mind that becoming popular and recognised on Instagram will not be instant – it is a process that requires your attention, effort and creative approach day after day.


What Content Should You Use on Instagram?

There is no clear content scheme for artists. But it is definitely important to share your creativity and add something useful to the audience. Create tips for your potential buyers and other artists. This will show your expertise and will help to gain popularity.

How to Promote Your Profile?

Post quality content consistently and use the marketing opportunities of Instagram as well. You can consider influencer marketing or use targeted ads to get “live” followers. Use hashtags to make your content appear according to popular user requests. Keep in mind that there is a need to work on promotion day after day.

How to Get Website Traffic Using Instagram?

Link your Instagram to the site. Make announcements of your publications, and leave links to your site. Reward your subscribers with some special offers and remind your audience of the existence of your site. This will allow for keeping the interest in your website.

How Can You Make Money on Instagram?

It is crucial to promote your skills on Instagram. You can create an author's course or earn money through advertising. After getting popular, collaborate with the brands from your niche, this is a good opportunity to get a stable income on Instagram.

This article was written by James Baxter who is a professional writer at guest posting Adsy service, online marketer at Photo Retouching Services and blogger, who loves sharing his experience and knowledge with readers. His hobby is photography and travelling, so he has already been to 35 countries.

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