Five Steps to Becoming a Self-Taught Investor in 2023

Learning to invest your money into the right things can be one of the most lucrative skills that you’ll ever learn–but how exactly do you get started with this? There are a lot of formal places to go if you want to learn how to invest or you may choose to be a self-taught investor.

You can visit schools, take online classes, or even seek an apprenticeship under a respected investor. But what if you don’t want to invest in these sources of knowledge? What if you’re a resourceful person who wants to learn how to invest on their own?

If that’s the case, then here are a couple of steps on how you can become a self-taught investor and be successful while you’re at it!

1. Be a self-taught investor through reading and studying investments.

Be it UK property news or American business studies, you have to start learning about investments if you want to be successful. Make sure you’re looking at reputable sources of information that can educate you.

Self-Taught Investor

2. Learn from successful investors.

There are many investors that are open to interviews, or they may have written biographies. These are the types of people that are great to learn from because they’re already successful.

Some of these successful investors may also be once self-taught investors themselves. The chances of you competing with them in the future are slim, so they’re more than happy to share their past secrets. Plus, there are even websites out there created by investors for investors, such as Expert Investor, and the whole intention is to get people to learn from other investors' successes.

Just remember that all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Things change, markets evolve, and strategies will differ. However, it’s never a bad idea to learn from previously successful people, just to get a glimpse into how they approach problems and solve them.

3. Invest in different things.

Learning is often best done by trying things. While you might be interested in property investments because they’re lucrative, investing in metals might be more suitable if you have an interest in it. Some people could invest in complex things like a business, but others might prefer investing in collectables.

There are so many different investments that it’s important to learn from each one. Understand different markets, apply what you’ve learned to different industries, and grow as an investor.

self investment

4. Network and learn from others

While you might not feel like a legitimate investor right now, it’s never a bad idea to try and network with people either on the internet or in-person at events. Networking is a great opportunity to learn, meet people, and pick up new strategies and secrets. The more people you know, the more knowledge you can collect.

5. Coming to terms with the reality of investing.

One of the issues that people face when investing, especially a self-taught investor is that they often don’t feel like they’re making progress. Sure, they see their numbers rise and their investments start making money, but how much cash do they actually make? What if it takes so much time and doesn’t become a sustainable venture?

Sadly, we have to come to terms with the fact that investments can only be a really good source of money if you’re already sitting on a lot of savings. It takes more money to make money, so if you’re not willing to invest more, you’ll see smaller returns.

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