Art Therapy Ideas for Online Business Owners

10 Great Art Therapy Ideas for Online Business Owners in 2023

As an online business owner, there’s a good possibility that you're frequently anxious and under stress. Because you have so much to deal with, it is only natural that the pressures you experience take their toll. However, there are many therapeutic things you can do to relieve that stress.

Did you know that art therapy is considered to be one of the best stress relievers? We won’t be focusing on what art therapy is or the benefits of art therapy. However, we will provide you with art therapy ideas for online business owners – different types of therapeutic art that can help you achieve a sense of calm, relaxation, and serenity.

Creating and Playing Music

Music is an art, and in terms of therapeutic benefits, it is seen as one of the best forms of art. If you are musically inclined, you are fortunate because music is a great way to express your emotions. There are so many instruments and many different types of music you can play. Even if you haven't played an instrument before, try picking one up and see what happens. You might find it very therapeutic and relaxing.

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Listening to Music

Not everybody is musically inclined, but this doesn’t mean that you can't enjoy music or use music as a form of art therapy. Art therapy does not necessarily have to mean making your own art. It can also include enjoying other people's art.

After all, empathy is about being able to feel other people's emotions and relate to them. Sometimes being able to relate to other people's music can be very beneficial. For example, classical music can be very relaxing, whereas something like hard rock or metal can help you release pent-up anger and tension.

Art Therapy Ideas for Online Business Owners

Simply Viewing Art

On that same note, although you may not be artistically inclined, it doesn't mean that art cannot be therapeutic. For example, something as simple as a 2-hour session at your local art gallery can relieve stress and tension.

It is a proven fact that viewing art has mental health benefits. Simply put, you have nothing to lose by going to your local art gallery and seeing how it makes you feel. Who knows, you might end up spending the whole afternoon there.

Checking out a variety of art forms may be an option you can consider. Mosaics, sculptures, even stained glasses can be a breathtaking sight to look at.

Books, comics, and graphic novels can also be a convenient art form you can explore as these are quite handy. These are art you can carry around and share with your loved ones. You can choose your first one with the help of a comic book price guide.

Keep an Artistic Journal

You can really look at yourself and your emotions and see what is bothering you by keeping a journal. A written Journal is excellent, but it's not really all that expressive, and it's not artistic.

If you want to add a new level of emotion to your diary or journal, add drawings and sketches. Having some drawings and sketches to accompany your written words can help you express those feelings in ways that the words alone could not. If you go to an art therapist, an art journal is one of the first things you will start with.

Create Postcards That You Don’t Send

Another excellent idea in terms of art therapy is to create your own postcards that you don't end up sending. On one side of the postcard, you can do a painting or drawing of something that really affects you. On the other side, you can write a few sentences about how you feel or how this drawing or painting makes you feel.

Postcards like these can be a great way to express your emotions without actually having to tell other people about them. But, remember, expressing feelings doesn't necessarily mean telling other people.

Telling yourself works too. Sure, you can always send the postcards if you want, but just make sure that they were appropriate and not offensive. Postcards are not just for communication, because as you can see here, they can also act as a visual representation of your feelings.

Sock Puppets and Therapy Dolls

Something that may sound a little odd but is actually quite effective is therapy dolls and sock puppets. You can first create a doll or puppet that suits your style. Making a sock puppet or doll, in itself, can be very expressive in nature.

Moreover, once you are done making the doll, you can use it to express your emotions. This way, you can pretend to be the doll and express your feelings in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. This sort of puppet or doll therapy is often used with children but can also work for adults.

Draw or Paint Your Emotions

One of the best art therapy techniques is simply painting or drawing your emotions. It doesn't have to be a super great painting, and it doesn't have to be something that you can sell on the market.

It's about expressing your emotions. You can paint landscapes and other structured things, but generally speaking, abstract art is the way to go if you really want to get your anger and rage out. There are many different types of painting, so do some research on paint therapy ideas.

Make Something for the Garden

If nature and your garden make you happy and help you relax, create something for your garden. If you like working with your hands, you can make pots or planters, flower boxes; you can make your own little garden gnomes, birdhouses, or anything that will add to your garden or yard.

The therapeutic purpose is to get satisfaction from creating these things. Then, when you sit in your garden, you can gain therapeutic benefits from looking at your own creations. Remember, nature also has its own therapeutic benefits.

Cook a Good Meal

Although some people might not agree, most would say that cooking is also a form of art. After all, you have to use the right ingredients and combine them to create something that looks and tastes good.

If you like to eat and you like cooking, it’s an excellent technique to release stress and anger and express your creative side. There is also the fact that once you're done, you'll have a great meal you can enjoy eating, something that can also make you feel happy.

Other Art Therapy Ideas

We don't have time to cover the dozens if not hundreds of art therapy ideas. While we have mentioned some of the best methods, there are many more. Here are some more ideas that you can consider.

  • Create, destroy, and destress – destruction therapy
  • Creating art in the darkness
  • Mandalas and adult coloring books
  • Poems can help too
  • Make a DIY art calendar for activities and events
  • Just doodle
  • Draw your safe space or happy place
  • Draw Your Fears In Funny Ways
  • Finger painting for stress relief
  • Paint and decorate your relaxation room
Art Therapy Ideas for Online Business Owners


Does Art Therapy Work?

According to the American Art Therapy Association, it can be a very effective mental health treatment for people suffering from a wide variety of afflictions, including depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, medical illness, social difficulties, and more. The bottom line is that art is very therapeutic in nature.

What is the Success Rate of Art Therapy?

More research is required, but the outlook is excellent. Studies show that people treated with music art therapy have a success rate of over 70%, which is very good. It’s proof that art therapy can work.

What is the Difference Between Art and Art Therapy?

In art, the main focus is the artwork itself. The focus is the technique and the result. On the other hand, art therapy focuses on the therapeutic aspect, with art the means to an end. In art, the art itself is the end, whereas, in art therapy, it’s the means used to provide therapeutic relief to patients.


Art therapy has many benefits for the human mind, particularly for people who suffer from stress, such as online business owners.

We have talked about different forms of art therapy, methods of using some sort of art for self-therapy.

If the ideas we talked about today do not suit you, there are plenty more to consider. You just need to look for them.

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