Business Groups for Networking

Important Business Groups for Networking: Networking for Online Businesses in 2023

In the past, networking took more of a physical approach by meeting people. But currently, networking has become more digital. There are still benefits to meeting people face to face, but social distancing has made it far more challenging to do so. With the internet, and the introduction of platforms like LinkedIn, business groups for networking is simpler and easier. But how do you network? What’s the secret behind it all? There is no real big secret; just put yourself out there, and be willing to join in.

Challenge yourself to meet new people, look and sign up for online seminars, reach out to people and start conversations. You will never grow unless you move out of your comfort zone. Keep reading for some tips and ideas on how to network in a digital world and get your online business off the ground.    

Challenge and Force Yourself to Meet New People

If I told you to meet 30 new people every month, the immediate reaction would be, ‘Oh, no! How can I meet 30 people in a powerful enough position to make an impact on my life, not to mention that many people in my line of work?’ If you are thinking this way, you have lost the idea already. ‘Meet new people' is all I asked for – I gave no specification or guidelines. Introduce yourself to someone you have never met – your neighbor, your gardener, the person at the local grocery store, a guy playing music on the side of the street.

This will help you be comfortable with introducing yourself. You will become so comfortable you will do it naturally. If you think about it, 30 people a month is one person a day. That is not that much, but what you gain from it is priceless.

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So, what do you get, you may ask? You get a feeling of joy when you speak to people you know, and your relationships start becoming meaningful. If it is just a chance encounter, do not take it for granted; that person could be integral to your future without you even knowing it. However, do not go meeting people with the sole purpose of getting something from them because that will come off as not sincere and could backfire in your face. The truth is you do not know who will cross your path. So, instead of being selective, be friendly and genuine to everyone you meet.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Things are not always as they appear to be – you do not know what a person has been through or what a person knows just by looking at them. Take the time to teach yourself to not make assumptions about people before you meet them. Looks can be deceiving. Take Steve Jobs. People would say he is a revolutionary genius that took Apple to the next level. Jobs has been called brilliant and slightly unstable. He did not believe in the standard convention of wearing cooperate clothes; he did not care about what people looked like and did not care about what he looked like.

His focus was on building the next best product. Many people judged him by the cover they saw, and in the end, it turned out that he knew a lot of the tech industry, but no one gave him the light of day at the start because of his appearance.  

Jobs might be an extreme case, but you cannot judge people based on appearance alone. You need to delve deeper and get to know the entire person. It all comes back to the idea that you never know who you might meet and how your paths may cross in the future. The guy on the street might be broke today and a millionaire tomorrow; you might be a millionaire today and broke tomorrow. You might be an unknown worker today but a successful remodeling contractor tomorrow. You would not want people to judge you based on your appearance alone. So do not judge others in that light.

Business Groups for Networking

Some Business Groups for Networking

Online Seminars

When looking for business groups for networking in, seminars are a place for people to meet one another and learn. If you are not learning something new every day, you are doing it wrong in the business world. You do not need to be an expert on every topic but, understanding a small portion of it can open doors for you and your online business. People from different walks of life attend seminars and outside their field of work. This is to learn and meet people in other industries because it creates connections that open possibilities.

Let us take this scenario. The guy you meet at last year's seminar is looking to start a business and needs someone with your skillset. He remembers you, and there is a chance he reaches out to you because you made that connection. Of course, there is no way of telling if this will happen or not, but it never hurts to make connections because you never know what will happen in the future.

Seminars in the digital world allow you to reach out and speak to people in an open forum and in a private capacity. So reach out; it never hurts to try, and the worst thing that could happen to you is that they do not respond. Have you died? No! Does it suck? Yes, but you move on, and eventually, someone will respond. ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ 


Facebook can be a very good source for networking. If you use the search function on the platform, you will come up with a number of great groups you can join and start networking with. A lot of these are private groups that require you to apply to join, but most are easy to do so and happy to have you part of their group.


Like Facebook, LinkedIn is another good place to be networking. The platform is well set up to be focused on business and networking between individuals. Their premium option is money well spent so we recommend paying for this upgrade as it'll give you much better access to people and contacts.

Join Local Groups

Don't forget that there are business groups for networking right on your doorstep, in your home city or town. A simple Google search will bring up various options for local groups you can join. Many will meet fortnightly or monthly, sometimes at a local coffee shop or community hall. These are great ways to get face to face meet ups with likeminded people


Telegram is a messaging app which allows for messaging to large groups, so is perfect for networking. It is widely used over multiple platforms so it gives you flexibility when and where you want to use it. Search out some business groups on the platform or review our top groups listed in the FAQ section below.

Share Your Business and Share Other People’s Businesses

This is a concept that is very simple but seems lost in the world of business. Many business owners want others to share their websites to build an audience but do not do anything in return for the support they receive. If you want people to start sharing your business, share their business; it opens people to your company's idea and where you stand. It shows the world that you are willing to network and branch out.

Don’t just share; engage with other companies. Show your audience that you are current in your market of choice. It shows that you are aware of your surroundings. Being active in your business shines a light on your company which attracts people.

Encourage your team to network and join new groups, encourage them to network with others, teach them the importance of networking. By teaching them to network, you help your company grow and expand.

Business Groups for Networking


What are the Benefits of Business Networking?

  • Strengthens business relationships
  • Get fresh ideas
  • Advance your career and company
  • Gain more knowledge
  • Builds confidence
  • Opens doors and opportunities

Industry-Specific or General Business Groups?

Both, because you can learn things that may help you in the future, and you put yourself in an uncomfortable position so you can grow.

What are the Best Telegram Groups for Business and Networking?

  • DigitalDeepak
  • Freelance Groups
  • StartupLanes
  • Startup ideas
  • The Hustle365
  • TED Talks

What Are Some Good Topics for Business Networking?

  • What are the business benefits of social media?
  • The three R’s of customer satisfaction – retention, related sales, referrals
  • The best personal development opportunities
  • Updates on employment legislation
  • What is the best piece of business advice you have ever been given?


Networking is crucial to business; it can be essential to getting your online business off the ground. Do not take people and interactions for granted; you never know how a person can affect your life. Don’t judge people by their appearances. Always look to meet new people. Challenge yourself to meet a set number of people a month and do so. 

Attend seminars, and make sure you are learning new things. Search for business groups for networking and join as many as you can. Push yourself into situations that are out of your comfort zone; it will help you grow as a person, which will help your business grow. Encourage your team to network and join groups to see what is happening in the world of business. The power is in your hand to network and grow as an online business owner.

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