How to Drive Traffic to an Amazon Affiliate Website

7 Great Ways on How to Drive Traffic to an Amazon Affiliate Website in 2022

How to drive traffic to an Amazon Affiliate website as part of affiliate marketing strategy is a widely discussed topic. You can get all the needed information concerning the ins and outs of how to make money through affiliate marketing, but then you need to tweak it.

Driving traffic doesn't need to cost a lot of money, and actually, you can use accessible traffic sources most of the time. Amazon is not paying out a high percentage on commission, and using free traffic will push up your earnings.

As your traffic increases, you can start increasing the number of products you are marketing. The marketing tactics you employ will depend a lot on the traffic source you use. Learning all the tricks associated with affiliate marketing is imperative, and we want to urge you to learn as much as possible.  This is a complete learning library with tools that enable you to tweak and see your progress. Read on to find out ways on how to drive traffic to an Amazon affiliate website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will be your first step to ensure tons of free organic traffic to your website. If done wrong, your website can just become another website on the web. So do it right.

SEO is the foundation of your website and online presence. So see to it that it is being done correctly during all phases of your journey on the web. Good SEO and SEO practices will slowly bring in more and more visitors as you build the SEO of the site. But later, it can provide a lot of free organic traffic that doesn't cost you a cent.

Like we've said, it is a slow process, and we will try to address all the important points as you continue building your empire.

It starts up with setting up your website or blog. Let's say you are using a WordPress site. As for selecting your URL and name, you must do everything keeping good SEO in mind. For a WordPress site, ensure that you use the correct plugins and themes to optimize your SEO.

Quality content that is a pleasure to read by visitors, and SEO optimized, is a must to satisfy google and attract visitors like magnets. Add some User Interface/User Experience features, and you have a winner website that Google will like, and visitors will flock to.

Just remember that our old idea about a keyword phrase and ten or so keywords are outdated. The Google algorithm is much too innovative for that. It is better to use software developed by SEO experts to predict all the keywords, both short- and long-tailed, synonyms, buyer intent keywords, and accompanying words.

That is, however, not the end of SEO. Now we can look at off-page SEO which is needed to ensure your page will be visited.

Off-page SEO includes creating links and back-links, and here you can differentiate between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO refers to practices that improve your rankings in search engine search results (SERP) while maintaining the high integrity of the website and staying within the search engine Terms of Service(TOS).

Black hat SEO is the opposite and is used by people who think Google is stupid. In the long run, these tactics are not the best for your site.

As you can see, SEO is a science because of the number of interacting influences that can be attributed to it. My advice is to use an SEO-certified writer and not just anyone that can type. Use a certified SEO expert for the rest.

This was just a surface introduction to SEO. Your site is created on a firm SEO foundation, and while you are waiting for free organic traffic, you can stay busy grabbing more traffic and make money.

If you don't have the technical SEO knowledge or you just don't have the time, you can try professional SEO services from companies like Human Proof Designs.

How to Drive Traffic to an Amazon Affiliate Website

2. Social Media

Driving traffic to an Amazon affiliate website using social media is a fantastic free way of getting visitors.

It is, however, necessary to know the TOS of each social media platform. On some, you can directly advertise links, while on others, you will have to work through a landing page.

You might also want to look into a social media tool. SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management tool to help you schedule posts, analyze insights, engage with your followers, curate content, and automate RSS feeds.

So let's look at the best three social media platforms and how you can use them:


YouTube is the second-most prominent social media platform on the planet. So adding a quality video review on YouTube of your product in combination with your written review for every Amazon product can get you lots of YouTube followers.

Because of the visual effect of a person giving the review that has used the product, people will trust you, and your products will convert.


Facebook is counted as one of the largest social media platforms. Building a presence here using a Facebook group in your niche can give you tremendous results. Through the group, you also have the advantage that you will stay up-to-date with developments in your niche.

Engagement in the group by admins and other users is what makes a group significant. Every member of the group will see all activity in the group on their timeline.

Using a page on Facebook gives you interaction possibilities with a WordPress website. For example, if you post a blog post, it will automatically go to your page from where it is posted to the timeline of every member of your page. The possibilities are endless.


Twitter is an excellent source for driving visitors to your Amazon Associates links. It is a more public platform than Facebook and is therefore ideal for attracting visitors to your products.

Interactions with strangers are almost encouraged, making it easy to search for someone in your niche and contact them.

There are other social media platforms we’ve not mentioned to advertise and get visitors from for your offers on Amazon.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to directly contact your prospective clients, build relationships with them and market new products.

Ensure you get all visitors' email addresses when they visit your site through a newsletter or a product review template.

Email marketing automation is another powerful tool you can use. Nurture a relationship through welcome emails, lead nurturing, and newsletters.

Utilizing an email marketing tool like ConvertKit can really help your email marketing efforts. ConvertKit is aimed at those operating online businesses, writers, course creators, and so on.

4. Leverage Online Forums

Participate in online forums in your niche by asking questions and providing answers. You will become an expert in your niche on that specific forum, and then you can lead prospects to your products. The more consistent your participation is, the more your expertise will grow on that forum.

5. Publishing Content

You can publish quality content on various online traffic sources like LinkedIn and Medium to engage visitors and establish your niche expertise.

There are many free traffic sources available that need to be exploited before you start paying for advertising. We will, however, look into some paid methods as well.

6. Pay-Per-Click

PPC ads display on search result pages, and your products are displayed to a much more comprehensive but not niche-specific audience. It is a valuable tool to get flooded with visitors.

7. Facebook and Google Ads

Placing paid ads on Facebook and Google might be another powerful way to attract visitors to your Amazon Affiliate site.

You must make sure that the amount of money you spend on the ads will be worthwhile when you take the low percentage commission you will get from Amazon into consideration. It might be beneficial with more expensive items.

How to Drive Traffic to an Amazon Affiliate Website


Yes, Facebook and Amazon's Terms of Service (TOS) allow you to put affiliate links on your posts and personal pages. When using a different affiliate network, be sure to check its TOS before posting an affiliate link on Facebook.

How do I Drive Quora Traffic to an Amazon Affiliate Site?

Posting a direct affiliate link on Quora is against their TOS and might get your account suspended and even banned. So instead, you have to use messages that will drive traffic to a landing page, and from there, you can get visitors to go to your offer.

You are allowed to do it. Just ensure that you list your YouTube channel on the dashboard of your Amazon account.

Why is High-Quality Traffic Necessary for Your Affiliate Marketing Site?

High-quality traffic is, in fact, targeted traffic. That means you will get more sales, but you also get more brand exposure. Targeted traffic means that your site's exposure is narrowed down to the audience you need to make sales, which will increase the conversion of products.


How to drive traffic to the Amazon affiliate website only using free traffic sources is your best option. You don't need a big budget for affiliate marketing in general.

If you have a high-paying item, it might be worthwhile to use paid traffic if that is the best way to get vast numbers of visitors.

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