8 Market Research Examples that Can Improve Your Business

Market research is used by successful business owners to remain abreast of developments, make smarter choices, and retain their firm's strategic advantage. Research is key to comprehending your customer base and boosting revenue, whether you're establishing or growing your brand.

Here are eight market research examples that will specifically assist you in strengthening your company and its advantage over your competitors.

Ways That Market Research Can Aid in Business Growth

Let's examine how market research can help you expand your firm and how crucial it is for businesses and commercial entrepreneurs.

1. Gain a competitive edge

New entrants into markets pose enormous challenges for corporations globally, increasing the likelihood that they may lose market dominance and experience a general decline in sales.

To evaluate your market presence, undertake an in-depth analysis of your core operations by examining client trends, historical sales figures, and organizations operating successfully. Engage in competitive analysis – the most popular type of research.

Here, your marketing department will compile a full overview of all the rivals in your targeted audience before identifying their upsides and downsides that your company can take advantage of. You can learn the following details about your rivals

  • Sales amount
  • Percentage of the market
  • Effectiveness
  • Vendors
  • Wage costs
  • Possibilities and limitations
  • The time when you can enter the market
  • The significance of your customer base to your competition
  • Anything that could prevent you from joining the market
  • Secondary or auxiliary rivals that could harm your organization

You may successfully take advantage of their weaknesses and grab market share using your stronger offerings by possessing a thorough understanding of the top firms in your field and doing some research.

Again, discovering the voice of customers can assist you further because it reflects the general opinions of how your consumers feel about your goods and services.

Utilize your customers' voices to enhance your customer support, optimize your site, and introduce new features because it serves as the market's reaction to your products. Additionally, it’ll aid in improving how you stand out from the competition in the marketplace.

2. Obtain knowledge from the top market research firms

market research examples


When you partner with well-established players in market research, you’ll gain an edge by learning from experts in the field. For instance, if your business is located in NYC and you want deep insights regarding your intended audience in that geography, there’re certain reputed firms that can assist you in interpreting your consumer data.

Simply go through the list of New York market research companies and locate the best firm that can provide you with smart, customized research services to advance your business more quickly.

New York has everything you could possibly need, whether you're searching for a limited market research organization with a concentration on business advisory, a new product development agency that hosts innovation seminars, or a tactical consulting firm with a focus on media research. You can also incorporate in-home usage tests, also known as home usage test iHUT.

3. Choose appropriate market opportunities

A thorough market research project broadens your horizons and exposes you to fresh business chances. For example, by accumulating information on consumer inclinations, product accessibility, adoption rates, and a variety of other characteristics, you may swiftly identify new localities for growth and assess the market's preference toward a fresh offering.

To identify potential prospects, current data such as records, statements from the past, and regulatory papers can be obtained and studied. The following details would be helpful in locating possibilities:

  • Projected market share
  • Demographics
  • Major vendors
  • Marketplace rivals
  • Market behavior

Obtaining market information is the initial stage in the route to expanding your dream customer base and product line. You may assess the industry and choose the best corporate strategies for maximum effectiveness with the aid of strong market analysis.

4. Examine for success

Finding out how well your customers will engage with your brand-new service or product is the simple definition of screening for performance. A corporate market study is an excellent tool for accomplishing this since it allows you to verify your concepts before putting them into action.

By soliciting customers' preferences and feedback through questionnaires, you can quickly decide which commercial innovations and marketing initiatives are actually popular with the target market. Your company will be able to minimize waste and guarantee a win the very first time as a result.

A good strategy to reduce or eliminate any previous issues you may have encountered is to assemble a user group and let them evaluate every functionality. Whenever you verify your ideas, bear the considerations below in mind:

  • Make a thorough list of test-taking questions for concepts.
  • Perform your part of secondary research when you pose your queries
  • To find out if a comparable idea has been proposed before, get in touch with periodicals and trade unions and gather all the relevant information.
  • For data that’s more credible and correct, obtain a larger sample size.

The best course of action, in the end, is to validate your concept before launching it fully. It's the ideal method of ensuring that once the product is released, it’ll produce the expected results and lead to considerable commercial growth.

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5. Gain a greater understanding of your customers

A major aspect of the performance of any business entails a thorough knowledge of the intended market and the consumers to approach them in a significantly smarter manner. 

Marketing professionals can learn a plethora of information from consumer insights, such as purchasing patterns and top-selling services across a range of demographics.

You may evaluate this data and anticipate what consumers want along with how the marketplace will respond or change in the coming years with the aid of market research. When undertaking market research, try to find the following information about customers:

  • What’s their age?
  • What's their gender?
  • What location are they in?
  • How much does their family make?
  • Have they got kids?
  • What's the state of their marriage?

You may start identifying every aspect of your intended clients with excellent market research, that will allow you to use that information to create your approach.

Even if your organization is well-established, keeping a close eye on your clients will enable you to quickly spot fast-shifting client demands and industry trends. This could provide you a considerable competitive advantage.

Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation aids you in better understanding your target market, finding new clients, and seeing patterns and trends in the community to use in promotional activities.

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6. Detect upcoming patterns

Keeping up with the fast-paced shifts in the marketplace is difficult. Companies perform market research to examine the market potential and to ascertain whether the industry is heading upward or downward.

Understand that in order to be competitive and assure long-term strategic planning in a sector that’s always evolving, you must adapt to the circumstances. Analyze and contrast industry information over a predetermined time period to spot any recurring patterns that can be useful for outlining your strategic plan. 

There are several factors to bear in mind when doing an industry trend analysis, which is a crucial component of market research:

  • Observe journals and key players in the business
  • Become familiar with all the pertinent market studies and trend studies
  • Use any accessible analysis tool to accurately predict industry behavior
  • Always pay attention to your clients
  • Study the competition
  • Recognize new trends

Market trends are greatly influenced by shopping habits and behavior, so it’s impossible to anticipate where the line chart will finish. To correctly identify trends and predict the latest advancements for ongoing business growth, deploy market trend analysis based on industrial data.

7. Create useful goods and services

To stay competitive, all firms must be able to foresee and react to quick changes. By recognizing customers' changing demands and examining how the market is responding to the shift, market research significantly aids this purpose. 

It’ll assist you in developing a more effective strategy for your new goods and services so that you may outperform your competitors while assuring durability.

Conduct a monitoring or benchmark survey to better comprehend the industry and assure relevance. You may immediately identify forthcoming client demands by regularly conducting these questionnaires and analyzing the results using a review system. Then, you can adjust your offerings accordingly.

8. Minimize risks

Like navigating without a map, conducting business sans market research is impossible. Strong market research acts as a driver for risk reduction by highlighting choices, boosting self-assurance, and offering an unbiased viewpoint to advance your business. 

Once you have the essential information, you may take more calculated risks to expand your company. Additionally, market research comes in handy during turbulent times since professional industry analysis may help you avoid costly errors and even predict impending market volatility to protect your funds.

Corporate market research can reduce risk largely by focusing on two aspects – choosing the best method for doing market research and evaluating the value of research. You'll be better able to assess unexpected threats and make choices that’ll ultimately pay off if you have the right information at your fingertips. 

Even information from departing customers might be helpful in figuring out what went awry and how it can be fixed.

Market research is crucial to making important business decisions 

In this modern era of cutthroat competition, your business must keep up with the speed at which markets throughout the globe are moving. One method for achieving this is via thorough market research.

However, it’s not the sole justification since market research additionally guarantees the viability of your company by reducing risks and exposing flaws. Taking everything into consideration, market research has several advantages that firms of all sizes may take advantage of.

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