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7 PPC Strategies to Boost Your Online Presence

Building a brand reputation requires time and effort, but you can accelerate your results with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. By implementing PPC strategies, you quickly increase visibility among high-intent audiences and boost your organic search engine rankings.

To maximize your ROI, you must focus on the quality of your ad copy and optimize your landing page. Here are seven effective PPC strategies to boost your online presence:

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Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is critical to creating an effective PPC strategy. It allows you to tailor your ad copy and landing page to match the intent of users searching for specific keywords.

Identifying your audience can also help you optimize your local campaigns using ad scheduling and geo-fencing strategies. Ad scheduling lets you set the days and times when you want your ads to appear, while geo-fencing creates a virtual boundary around a location and only shows your ads to users in that area.

It can also help you refine your keyword list to include negative keywords that prevent your ad from showing when users search for those terms.

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Optimize Your Ad Copy

While SEO is a long-term strategy that takes months to drive results, paid advertising instantly boosts your web presence. In addition, PPC campaigns offer various targeting options to reach the most relevant audience and maximize impressions on SERPs.

For example, you can use negative keywords to ensure your ads do not trigger irrelevant search queries. You can also optimize your ad copy by testing different headlines and descriptions to identify what performs best. Then, apply these insights to your organic SEO title tags, meta descriptions, and headers for improved user engagement.

Optimize Your Landing Page

PPC Ottawa is great at attracting attention but only effective when users see a relevant landing page. They won't stay long if they land on a page unrelated to their search.

Clearly defined calls to action are crucial to your PPC landing pages. They should be prominently featured, with text that's easy to read on mobile devices. Also, forms should follow accessibility best practices and be easily recognizable.

Social proof (customer testimonials, case studies, real-time purchase notices) helps increase conversions by building trust. Additionally, remarketing campaigns help boost conversions by targeting paid ads to your email list.

Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

Ad extensions and mobile-specific bidding can optimize PPC ads for mobile devices. Ad extensions help to maximize your return on ad spend (RoAS) and can be used to promote click-to-call, location extensions, social media extensions, and price/offer extensions.

By optimizing your ads for mobile, you can generate more leads and sales while also increasing brand awareness. To improve your chances of conversion, try using remarketing ads and Google's audience observations feature to identify high-performing audiences. You can also use geofencing to target users in specific locations, which is ideal for local businesses.

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Use Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a great way to target new customers. They are based on the characteristics of your best existing customers. They can be found in demographic or behavioral data. It's important to note that the size of the lookalike audience matters. A 1% lookalike will perform better than a 10% one.

It would help if you were careful when choosing a seed audience. The audience you select should be consistent with the actions you're trying to drive. For example, a 1% lookalike based on product page visits will likely perform better than a 2% one based on adding products to a cart.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions help improve your ad's performance by increasing user engagement and click-through rate. They can also help your ad stand out on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). For example, site link extensions allow you to showcase different products or services and direct users to your website.

Consider using ad extensions to optimize your PPC campaigns and perform A/B testing. These strategies can significantly improve the ROI of your paid search and display ads. In addition, you should use negative keywords, remarket to qualified audiences and use mobile-friendly landing pages.

Monitor PPC Strategies Through A/B Testing

Most of us are part of A/B tests all the time without even realizing it. Whether email marketing, ads, or web content, marketers always test things to find out what works best.

A/B testing can boost your online presence by determining what elements of your content resonate with your audience. For example, some visitors like to read long-form content that goes into the nitty gritty details, while others prefer shorter articles that provide a general overview.

When conducting an A/B test, run it for sufficient time to gather statistically valid results. Otherwise, the results may be skewed.

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