AdSense vs. Mediavine

Adsense vs Mediavine: Which One Wins the Battle

If you are an online publisher who has trouble making money, particularly via on-site advertisement, then you have come to the right place, because we are here to talk about services that literally pay you to promote ads on your site. Yes, that is right, there are services out there that pay you decent money for doing nothing more than putting ads on your site.

Two of the most popular companies that provide this service include Adsense vs Mediavine with Google AdSense probably being more popular. Both of these do their best to find appropriate ads for your site according to the existing content, and will then pay you to feature those ads (exactly how payment works can differ, with clicks and impressions being the two main methods).

That being said, Mediavine and AdSense do have some fundamental differences, so which one is best for you? Let’s get right to it and find out which one of these services, AdSense vs Mediavine, is going to help you make more money through simple on-site advertising.

Adsense vs mediavine


Now it's time to talk about Mediavine. Mediavine works closely with Google as a partner for more than 70,000 publisher websites. But that's about it. After that, the two services became varyingly different.

Mediavine Pros                                                    

When it comes to Mediavine, it can help increase your income compared to Google AdSense. Many established publishers are earning around four to five times more than others.

Mediavine is no small player. They offer high-quality ads relevant to the sort of content you want to use in your advertising space. The company is innovative. They have numerous direct partners. They help their ads load much faster to enhance user experience.

Mediavine is a highly transparent service that has earned the trust of thousands of publishers. Whether it is your CPM or your earnings, you can see everything on the dashboard. Looking at how your ad is doing can help you improve future ads. You can also compare which ads are doing well and which are going in the drain.

CPM is the primary revenue model for Mediavine, so you will receive income every time a user views your ad. They don't even have to click on it for you to generate an income. The traffic requirements are reasonably straightforward. They do not consider page views so strictly. Their main interest lies in sessions. You need a minimum of 50,000 sessions per month (around 60,000 pageviews).

You can remove unwanted ads. If you feel they are inappropriate, just take a screenshot and forward it to the Mediavine support team. There is no guarantee if the ads will reappear or not, but Mediavine will shut them off for as long as possible.

Mediavine Cons

Even though for many small online businesses, Mediavine is a dream, it still has a few drawbacks. If you don't get a minimum of 50,000 sessions, you might not get approved by Mediavine. These are the minimum traffic requirements you need to make money.

If you are working with Mediavine, you can run any other ads on your site. You have to be entirely exclusive to Mediavine in every way.

Mediavine has a committed and focused team. They will do their best to develop your site and work for it with their ad partners. This makes it perfect for small online business start-ups. So if you plan on leaving Mediavine, you need to give them a heads up three months before you do so.



AdSense will offer you far more control than other ad solution firms. You can gain access to viewership, response to your ads, well-received ads, and the revenue generated on each ad. Google Analytics is a great help when it comes to such data. You can use all these factors to make decisions and alter your business practices accordingly.

AdSense Pros

Are you wondering how much traffic you need to join AdSense? Well, there is no minimum requirement. Small online businesses are free to join and capitalize on the offerings of AdSense any day. You can apply, but there is no guarantee of whether you will get approved by Google or not. So try to keep the odds in your favor and have a considerable number of visits on your website.

AdSense is a reliable service. They will never force you to stick to them. You don't have to act as if you're exclusive to AdSense only. If any other brand reaches out to you for displaying ads, you can happily say yes if it pleases you. No restrictions.

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AdSense Cons

Working with AdSense means you will make much less revenue as compared to other services. The RPM isn't as high as Mediavine, which is disappointing. When you step into the AdSense world, make sure you check other publishers' earnings if data is available to you online. Don't blindly walk into something with a new business without a knowledge of returns.

Also, you will not have any guidance along the way except the AdSense website. You're entirely on your own here. If you don't know what you're doing, you will be wasting your time, energy, and money in the process. You won't have anyone to help you optimize ads. It's like swimming in deep water with sharks around you.

Adsense vs mediavine


How much does AdSense pay per 1,000 views?

The average income on 1,000 views ranges from $0.20 to $15.

Is AdSense Free to Use?

Yes, Google AdSense is a free and fast way to display ads on your content. These are Google ads, and every time a user views the ad, you get a share of the revenue.

How Many Minimum Views Need to Get Google AdSense Approval?

There is no minimum organic traffic requirement to join Google AdSense. So it is much easier to be a part of their community.

Can Blogs With Around 200 Pageviews a Day Make Money With AdSense?

Yes, such blogs can generate an income from about $15 to $20 a month.


Here are some other recommendations for new online businesses to consider when they look for ad solutions.



Ezoic understands the digital world. It uses its expertise to manage ads for publishers and help them increase their revenues. Anyone can use the website and find required ads without any technical know-how. Modern features make the experience even better. e1634603361232 is a tech ad firm that, like Google Adsense, pay you to show ads on your website. The service does a great job in providing a user-friendly platform with relevant ads.


It is no surprise to anyone that ads can be a great way to monetize your website. Choosing the right ad solution firm is crucial when entering a market as a new online business owner. These ad placements and the ad quality will help you create a brand image for your company.

There is no way to establish which of the two services will work best for you. They both have their benefits to offer, along with a few drawbacks. All you have to do is determine which ad service will work well with your online business and helps you thrive.

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