13 Quick Ways on How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store in 2021

12 Quick Ways on How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store in 2023

If you have an Amazon store, driving traffic towards it is an essential task for your online business’s success. So, how to drive traffic to your Amazon store? Let's find out:

We all know that Amazon has been the undisputed ruler of e-commerce for many years. The number of eager sellers on the platform continues to rise, which means the website will only continue to grow.

Amazon’s advanced services have entirely altered the way merchants and customers interact digitally. As a result, there are a variety of tools merchants have at their disposal to make profits. But if you are wondering how to drive traffic to your Amazon store, we have a few simple tactics to help you!

1. Be Aware of the Competition

The digital market is a dynamic one, and Amazon listings are an extremely competitive area to survive. By looking at the competitor’s products, you will understand which elements of an item are well received by the market and which items remain on the shelves for months.

2. Customer Reviews

It is a great section if you want to see what customers liked and disliked about a product. It will help you identify where the product fell short in satisfying customer needs. It can also help understand the weaknesses of competitors that you can utilize to your advantage.

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3. Questions and Answers

The section is a goldmine if you want to write product descriptions and answer queries. Customers post questions and famous concerns about particular products. Other customers support it by downvoting or upvoting the questions that they want answers to as well. It makes making an appeal to customers easier as you would know what they expect.

13 Quick Ways on How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store in 2021

4. Frequency of Updates

By monitoring the customer product pages, you can choose the best images for yourself and understand how frequently you must update posts and blogs regarding your product to increase sales.

5. Presentable Product Listings

Never neglect the product listings as they can make or break your sales. Instead, optimize the listings to provide complete product details to customers for external traffic generation. Barriers to understanding are detrimental to external traffic, so if you want to attract traffic, be clear and concise.

The challenge is to come up with a descriptive yet concise title. Customers have so many options nowadays that they make snap judgments based on the headings of product listings. If they don’t see the brand, purpose, and quantity of a product, then you can bid goodbye to a sale.

Try to use bullets in the product description rather than redundant paragraphs. Bullet points will increase readability and enhance understanding regarding the product that online businesses sell.

Make the product descriptions creative to turn your word into a feeling of the product. You can include primary pieces of information here with a pinch of creativity. For example, add pictures of your product in the exact shape and size that it is. Again, deceiving customers will only harm your brand image.

6. Pricing Decision

Merchants always try to get the most out of the product, and why shouldn’t they? They’re offering value to customers. However, savvy merchants try to strike the right balance. It is about what satisfies them and the price that will keep the customers happy too. It is a way to increase customer trust.

However, you can’t lower your prices below what you have stated on other websites according to the price parity clause you signed with Amazon. The platform might suspend your account if you fail to adhere to the policy.

You can use Amazon’s Automate pricing tool to set a reasonable price by itself rather than having to bother about the right decision. However, you should always conduct a competitor analysis as part of your due diligence to find insufficiencies.

Another great way to drive traffic to your product listings is with price promotions and discounts. You can try to buy one get one free offer, discounts, coupons, and even lightning deals to attract traffic to your Amazon store.

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7. Traffic-Generating Engine

When you’re operating with multiple websites to make sales, it might be slightly confusing for you to direct traffic towards all of them or the ones you feel are best for the niche.

But the best way to go about it is to plan everything strategically and direct your traffic towards Amazon product listings.

Amazon comes with numerous benefits and can help you direct traffic to your websites, thanks to its well-operative customer support and credibility. That way, you can launch a product on your Amazon store for sales while having your website already prepared for the new release.

Also, keep in mind, if you are using other marketing channels like SEO, blogging, influencer marketing, content marketing, Google AdWords, and Facebook ads, then having an affiliation with Amazon can improve it tenfold!

8. Promotions

Promotions are a great way to increase sales and build a customer base; They are a spectacular way to launch new products and gather reviews on these new launches. It is a credible way to get yourself more potential customers.

You don’t always have to have a discount offer; you can go for coupons and other occasional swings to benefit yourself.

They are a decent way to ask for emails in return for a free product. That way, you can generate an email list and update interested customers in the future as well. It will drive more traffic to your Amazon store while allowing you to communicate with your niche market!

Email lists do not add to your costs and are a great way to promote products.

9. Promotion Ads

Never forget that Amazon is a well-known ad platform and can help you a lot if you want exposure for your products. People are hungrily surfing on Amazon for products and click on several ads that interest them.

You can use the sponsored ad technique to display ads below the search engine and even after search results.

Set your ads to automatic targeting to take the burden of finding the right people off of your shoulders. Let Amazon do the work for you. Amazon is unforgiving when it comes to enhancing customer experience. Therefore it will suggest a list of keywords to you, and you merely have to see which ones are the most well-received.

Once you have data, you can adjust your keywords accordingly. Test your ads, measure the performance, and try to improve every step of the way. Once your campaign becomes stable and receives reviews, you can experiment with other keywords you feel will drive more traffic.

10. Ask for Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool when it’s about influencing an online purchase. Customers always like to see what others think of a product and a brand before committing to it. High-quality reviews on your products are going to increase sales.

Make sure you don’t engage in window dressing. Instead, you should have practical and honest reviews. If you have a stream of five-star reviews only, then customers will view the product with suspicion.

Try to send out follow-up emails to check if your product is up to the mark and if customers are pleased with it. You can then ask for reviews to make the process smooth.

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11. It’s Time to Iterate

One thing that you need to keep practicing is iteration; otherwise, all your effort and costs will go down the drain. Keep measuring your performance if you want more traffic on your Amazon store. Monitor all the data to identify trends in sales and purchasing behavior so that you can launch better campaigns in the future.

Set goals before your campaign begins. Try to make sure they’re SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals will put you on a Launchpad for traffic. Make sure you monitor your return on investment to ensure that your campaign is beneficial in monetary terms rather than just eating away your time.

12. Ensure Your Product Is Right

Of course, having the right product to begin with is important, so make sure that it is the right one. To be more specific, one of the things to consider here is how much competition there is in that specific niche.

The more competition there is, the less likely your product is to sell. It’s simple math really. The less competition there is, the better your chances of success.

Something you might want to do is to use AMZScout to assess how viable your product is and determine how much competition there is. AMZScout will do all of the research for you, and can also help you track this going forward.

13 Quick Ways on How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store in 2021


How do I Get My First Sale on Amazon?

Start by setting up an Amazon seller central account and find products that people are likely to buy. Then, keep the prices reasonable and offer discounts to attract people. Finally, write good product descriptions paired with creative headlines to make your first sale.

How to See Traffic on Amazon Listing?

The Seller Central page has a reports tab on top of the page. Click on it and go to business reports to see a detailed sales page and traffic by item. You’ll be able to check it for each item you have in the inventory.

How to Increase Sessions on Amazon?

SEO marketing and creative headers and product descriptions are a great way to do this. Try promotional ads on Amazon to increase sessions as well.


All these tips and tricks are great to prepare your Amazon store to receive higher traffic. However, make sure you stay up-to-date with all trends and policies to sell more products.

If you are smart enough to utilize all these tips to your benefit in the right way, your Amazon store will have more than enough traffic flowing towards it and your website as well!

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