25 Mindset Hacks in 2021: Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

25 Mindset hacks: take your online business to the next level

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs move between successes without experiencing failure?  This one-sided process is not likely to be their reality, but it can appear this way to outsiders. 

Your online business success is directly related to your skills, natural aptitudes, and mindset.  Thankfully, these things can be developed, learned, or strengthened if you are willing to grow.  Developing an entrepreneurial mindset will help you deal with your online business operations more effectively.

Business Mindset Defined

A business or entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking that helps you see problems as opportunities and turning those opportunities into growth. One crucial mindset hack for elevating your online business is to streamline your legal structures early.

25 Mindset Hacks For Your Online Business

1. Believe in Your Business and Your Ability to Lead It

If you want to continue building your online business success, you must first believe that you can.  You won’t always succeed, but if you view your failures as opportunities to improve and visualize your goals, you will eventually see success.

2. Think Ahead

If you can start to see several steps ahead of yourself, this will benefit your business long term.  Entrepreneurship is a lot like the game of chess.  You can’t just think about what’s happening right now.  You have to know what the results of your actions will be five steps later.

3. Do the Hard Stuff First

Get used to being uncomfortable and not knowing what you’re doing. We tend to make false assumptions and assume everyone is comfortable doing things like speaking in public or launching a new product line.  There is a first time for everything, for everyone.  The only way you will get good at something is to keep doing it.

25 Mindset Hacks in 2021: Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

4. Make Big and Small Decisions

You have to think of your online business in terms of the small day-to-day operations and the larger long-term goals you have set.  If you don’t adequately run the day-to-day operations, your long-term goals won’t be met.  Successful entrepreneurs do both.

5. Make Your Luck

Lucky people aren’t lucky.  Usually, they put themselves out there for more opportunities.  The more options you seek for success, the more likely you are to ‘get lucky.’  It’s a simple probability.  Starting an online business isn’t an easy task, but the more connections you make and the more ideas you try, the more likely you will see success.

6. Practice a Growth Mindset

If you believe your business can get better and do better, that is the first step in making sure it does. Push hard, try new things, and learn from your mistakes.

7. Plan for the Unpredictable

Plan for when things don’t go as you had hoped.  This may mean drawing a smaller salary or doing a lot of the day-to-day work yourself instead of hiring employees.  New businesses take time to become stable and grow.  Make sure you plan for this ahead of time.

8. Create a Mission Statement

The success of your online business will require time and perseverance. Design your mission statement to motivate and inspire you to work towards it. Enjoy your accomplishments as a reward for your hard work.

9. Things Can’t Get Worse

We often start an online business secretly, hoping for instant success, and then become disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Change your thinking to realize that you are working upwards towards your goal. The very first day you start your business will be the worst it will ever look.  You will improve on it every day until you are successful.

10. Failure is Inevitable; Struggle is Not

Failing at a business endeavor or idea is inevitable. Dwelling on that failure and letting it define your future progress is not.  This is the choice you make every time an idea doesn’t work. Make giving up a non-option. Learn from your failures and improve because of them.

11. Reach for the Stars

Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to your vision for your online business. Overcome obstacles one a time, much in the way you would climb a mountain.  You don’t go from the bottom to the summit. You must cross trail obstacles, rocks, creeks, fallen trees, and encounter weather changes.  Each one of these obstacles you move past brings you closer to the top of the mountain.

12. Be Bold

Seize the opportunity when you can. If something doesn’t work, change it.  Don’t get stuck doing the same things over and over again without results. This is the classic definition of insanity.

13. Seek Approval From Yourself, Not Others

You are the only person who needs to permit yourself to try things with your online business. Stop worrying about what others think and keep trying.  Being embarrassed by failure is not an innate behavior we’re born with.  Society teaches us that we should feel this way.  The sooner you stop buying into it, the better off you will be.

14. Find a Passion for Your Online Business

Be passionate about your business, your product, or the service your offer, rather than being passionate about your market. This makes you adaptable to run your business in various market conditions and make changes as the market inevitably changes.

15. Write Down Fears Instead of Goals

We’re commonly told to write down our goals to make them easier to attain. This is a great tool, but it can be limiting. If you achieve your goal, what do you do now?  Fear is the most common reason we don’t take action, and it will determine your online business growth. If you write down the fears that hold you back, you can see how they limit your growth potential and eliminate them.

16. Solve Problems Instead of Preventing Them

If you can solve a customer's problem, your online business becomes a solution your customer immediately needs. Potential solutions are much harder to market than real solutions. This is because customers don’t like to pay to solve a problem they might potentially have down the road.  They will, however, pay to solve a problem they have right now.

17. It’s Okay to Fail

You can’t predict the future. Be open and flexible with your goals. Change your path if the one you’re on isn’t working. Having an overarching theme for your online business rather than clearly defined goals sometimes helps you permit yourself to change things.

18. Be Accountable to Your Business

Your online business will succeed or fail because of you. This sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. You and you alone are responsible for floating or sinking the ship. So put yourself out there and allow it to succeed.

19. Have Enough Knowledge to be Dangerous

Know everything you can about every aspect of your business and how to do everyone else’s jobs.  You can’t know whether your employees are doing a good job unless you know what a good job looks like. Of course, when it comes to things like being a lawyer or an accountant, you can’t do their job. But if you have enough knowledge about what good legal advice should look like, for example, you will be able to recognize whether you are getting it.

20. Focus on Forward-Thinking

In a competitive market, you must always be looking to the future of your online business and plan. Having multiple pathways for success can help you be flexible in meeting your ultimate goals.

21. Be Aware of Your Thinking

Watch out for negative thoughts and self-doubt creeping in.  That inner voice will pop up when you least expect it. So be aware and replace negative thoughts when they happen.

22. Reframe Your Questions

When you are developing your online business, be aware of how you frame your problems. For example, you might ask yourself, ‘Why are my profits so low?’ Change this question too, ‘How can I make more money or increase sales?’ By reframing the question, you can turn it into a goal-worthy task.

23. Separate Your Thoughts and Emotions

Negative thoughts progress to negative emotions, and negative emotions lead to negative beliefs.  It’s a downward spiral. Nip your negative thoughts about your online business success in the bud and turn them into positive ones.

24. Be Your Future Self

You probably have an image of what you want yourself and your business to look like if you reach the pinnacle of success. Practice being that person. If you want to be a leader that’s not afraid to take on challenges and new ideas, do it now.

25. Add the Words ‘and That’s Okay’ to Negative Feelings

Sometimes running an online business sucks.  You get frustrated, tired, disappointed, and feel like giving up.  Acknowledge those feelings and give them validity so you can move forward. There is a big difference in the statement, ‘I feel angry’ and ‘I feel angry, and that’s okay.’ The difference is you get to identify the feeling without feeling the guilt over having it.

25 Mindset Hacks in 2021: Take Your Online Business To The Next Level


What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

The definition of an entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills used by an entrepreneur to identify and capitalize on opportunities, learn from and overcome setbacks, and enjoy success. An entrepreneurial mindset is crucial to seeing success in your online business.

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

The most significant obstacles people face in developing an entrepreneurial mindset are fear and doubt.  Successful entrepreneurs all think the same way and have learned to overcome these feelings of doubt. The characteristic of entrepreneurship are:

  • Decisiveness
  • Confidence
  • Accountability
  • Resilience
  • Humility

The mindset hacks outlined in this article can help you shift your thinking process into one that will make you a successful entrepreneur.

Why Mindset Hacks?

Using mindset hacks to change your thought patterns allows you to engage in new thinking processes systematically. The negative thought patterns holding us back have often been practiced for years.  The only way to change this into new thought patterns is to practice enough to become a habit.

Short, simple hacks that you can engage in every day will help you shift your thinking patterns faster and easier.  You will be surprised how quickly your new mindset becomes your natural state of being.

Recommendations to Help Online Business Owners with Mindset

There are more than a few apps available to help you create a business mindset.  Let’s take a look at some worth trying. 


Headspace is a meditation app.  It starts with the basics and a beginner’s course on the fundamentals of meditation, so it’s not required that you have any previous experience or knowledge.  You get to move at your own pace with 10 minutes a day of meditation. 

Insight Timer 

This meditation app from Insight Timer has over 70,000 free music tracks and guided meditations.  You can follow numerous meditation teachers and listen to live streams.  The app tracks what you’ve completed and helps you build calming daily habits. 


Calm is a multi-purpose app.  It contains sections on meditation, sleep, calming music, video lessons for stretching, mindfulness masterclasses, and nature scenes and sounds you can play while working. 

The Takeaway

Changing your mindset in your online business will help you achieve success. Take steps to develop and strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset, and you will be sure to see growth in your business endeavors.  You must believe in your online business’s success for you to make it happen.

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