How to be a Positive Thinker in Your Business

How to be a positive thinker in your business

As a business owner, whether it's an online business or otherwise, one of the biggest challenges is negativity. This may sound far-fetched, but it's true. Negativity and pessimism can take a toll on your overall mindset, which will take a toll on your business.

If you're constantly negative and don't have the right mindset, the chances of your business seeing success are minimal at best. If you don't have a positive outlook on your online business, how do you expect to see success? Being a positive thinker in your business includes setting up a strong foundation.

Positive mindsets lead to positive results, and negative attitudes lead to negative outcomes. We know that running an online business is hard and that you have many challenges to deal with daily.

Being a business owner leaves some people stressed. To help you stay positive and avoid a breakdown, let's talk about how to be a positive thinker in your business.

Tips on How to Be a Positive Thinker

There are many ways to maintain a positive mindset, so let's talk about as many as we can right now.

1. Seek Inspiration from Success Stories

Many people will tell you to compare yourself to those who are better than you, not those who are worse than you. This also holds true for business owners who are looking to stay positive. What we mean is that you should try to seek inspiration from success stories.

Business owners will see more successful businesses and become negative because they are not as successful. Instead, you should seek inspiration from them. See what they are doing right and try to do it better. It’s about finding ways to be bigger and better.

2. Look at the Bright Side – Be Grateful

People tend to look at the negative side of things. However, most things in life can be both good and bad. The difference between positive and negative people is how those events are perceived. Therefore, you need to be grateful for the good things.

An attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to retain a positive outlook on life. If you aren't grateful for the good things that happen, how can you possibly maintain a positive outlook? A good practice is keeping a gratitude journal where you record what you are grateful for every day. Being grateful leads to happiness.

3. Celebrate the Small Things

Another good way for business owners to remain positive is to focus on personal growth, which often means celebrating the small things. But, of course, growth isn't achieved overnight, and it doesn't happen exponentially in a short period.

Growth is a slow process, and this means that you need to celebrate each small step. Likewise, every goal achieved, no matter how small, is worth celebrating.

Making a $3 profit on a sale might not be huge, but it's better than taking a loss. Moreover, celebrating small wins will make losses virtually meaningless and make the bigger successes that much more meaningful.

How to be a Positive Thinker in Your Business

4. Learn from Mistakes and Move On

One of the worst things you can do as a business owner is dwelling on your past mistakes. You are going to make mistakes. Period.

The difference between positive and negative people is how those mistakes are handled. Negative people usually dwell on those mistakes and do not learn from them, repeating the same mistakes and leading to even more negativity.

Positive people recognize the mistakes are negative, but they learn from those mistakes and move on. Dwelling in the past, particularly on losses, will not help you move forward.

5. Try to be More Humorous

One of the best things for your mental health and your personal growth is humor. In addition, humor is one of the best stress and anxiety relievers.

The act of laughing creates feel-good chemicals in the brain that act as great mood regulators.

Of course, if you feel happy and have a good mood, it will be easier to be positive. Try to insert some humor into your life and, if possible, learn to laugh at yourself. You have to be able to take a hit every now and then.

6. Be with Other Positive People

If you are having a hard time in life, one of the worst things you can do is be around negative people who will make the situation even worse. You have nothing to gain from these people, and they need to be out of your life.

As a business owner, you should be with other like-minded business owners with positive outlooks. Finding communities with new and innovative people that can help you build yourself and help you along your journey is what you need. Positive people with good attitudes inspire positive thought, and that is what you need.

7. Positive Self-Talk

Something that will increase positivity is positive self-talk. This is precisely what it sounds like – talking to yourself in a positive manner. People around you might think you’re crazy doing this, but hey, nobody said you have to talk to yourself in public.

Positive self-affirmations are beneficial for mental health. It may sound weird, but telling yourself that you need to stay positive can have that exact effect.

8. Start the Day the Right Way

Of course, everybody is different, so the right way to start your day might be different for you than for someone else.

However, create a good routine that allows you to have a lot of energy throughout the day. Wake up, take a warm shower, read the newspaper, have a hot coffee, and try to relax a bit. There's nothing worse for your mindset than starting the day off grumpy and tired. To have a good growth mindset, beginning the day the right way is vital.

9. Take Some Time for Yourself to Relax

If you are constantly stressed, anxious, and never get any time for yourself, staying positive is challenging. Everybody, including online business owners, needs time to relax; it is essential to get downtime. When it comes to mental health and negativity, stress is one of the worst things for you.

10. Meditation can Go a Long Way

In terms of stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep aid, and mood regulation, meditation is one of the best things that you can do. In addition, meditation has dozens of mental and physical health benefits.

Focus and concentrate on yourself, look inside yourself and at your emotions, and at what your goals are will lead to positivity.

Meditation is a topic of its own, and we don't have enough time to cover it all here today. However, look into the various types of meditation, both for business owners and for people in general.

11. Creating a Positive Space

It's always much easier to stay positive when you have a dedicated space for yourself, a relaxation space. Every business owner, particularly those working from home, should have a dedicated space for relaxation and decompression.

12. Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Actions

If you have a problem, instead of dwelling on how that problem negatively affects you, focus on getting past that problem. There is no point in complaining about a problem if you can fix the situation. Instead, turn those negative thoughts into beneficial and positive actions that will benefit yourself and your business.

How to be a Positive Thinker in Your Business


How Do I Stop Being So Negative?

Try living in the moment; practice positive reaffirmation; believe in positivity; don’t dwell on the past; focus on the positive; face your fears head-on, and try new things.

What Are Some Examples of Positive Thinking?

Examples of positive thinking include facing adversity with courage; not complaining about your situation, enjoying unexpected surprises; and motivating those around you with kindness.

Why Should You Stop Being Negative?

Being negative has many consequences. For one, the chances of a business being successful with a negative leader at the helm are minimal. Moreover, people just don’t want to be around negative people. Finally, negativity impacts mental health.

How Can I Train My Brain to be Happy?

Some of the ways you can train your brain to be happy are by constantly asking yourself if you are thinking positively; memorizing a list of happy words; using positive associations; practicing being grateful, and always celebrating the small successes.


One thing we discussed in terms of staying positive is meditation. Indeed, meditation is one of the best things out there to help people achieve a calm, serene, and relaxed mindset. Meditation is fantastic for relieving stress, anxiety, and more, not to mention that it can help you sleep better at night.

However, meditation is not something that people can just jump into without a bit of guidance. There are classes out there, but these cost money and let's face it, right now, during the COVID pandemic, people aren't going outside anyway. So instead, check out meditation applications that you can install on your computer, tablet, or phone.

These applications feature different types of meditation, and they will guide you along your journey. In addition, they come with various meditation techniques, tips, guidance, and more. If you are looking for an excellent application to guide your meditation, three of the best include Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer.


As an online business owner, you can do many things to stay positive and keep that negativity at bay.

The simple fact of the matter is that being a business owner is one of the most stressful jobs, and you need ways to stay positive and relaxed.

Staying positive is key to your mental health, and it’s going to affect your business's overall performance and direction, as well as the morale of your employees.

Of course, everybody is slightly different, so what works for one person may not work for another. It’s all about finding the best ways for you to stay positive.

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