Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel

8 Great Types of Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel in 2023

If you want to help people accomplish something, provide information on a topic, or just get some attention for yourself, one of the best ways is to start a YouTube channel. Video is a great way to engage an audience compared to static content like a simple blog. YouTube channels are fun to do and can also be quite profitable if you get many subscribers.

Although a YouTube channel can be both fun and profitable, there are some things you need to do before getting started. First, if you want a lot of subscribers, there are certain types of equipment for starting a YouTube channel.

This article discusses the equipment needed for starting a YouTube channel. While the amount of equipment you will need might not be huge, its quality will make a big difference. So let's get to it.

Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel – What You’ll Need

1. Camera

By far, the most essential pieces of equipment for starting a YouTube channel is a good camera. There are many different kinds of cameras out there, so let's take a quick look at the types of cameras to choose from and which one might be best for you.

Firstly, with the gains in technology, our mobile phones now come with impressive camera technology, so if your mobile has a good camera on it, then this can be all you need to record with. Make sure the settings are set to record at a high quality like 4K at 30 frames per second. This will ensure that the video is of sufficient quality to show detail and present well on YouTube.

One option is a simple camcorder. Camcorders are great for recording basic YouTube content because they are specifically designed for video recording. Modern camcorders are very lightweight, compact, and they’re relatively inexpensive. They work well whether you were filming on the go or working from home. Most camcorders aren't anything too special, but the newer models have some great features and resolution.

If you are only recording at home, a simple webcam will do the job. However, if you are a gamer who only records in front of your computer for live streaming, a webcam is more than adequate. Although their features usually aren't the best, they’re affordable, and they get the job done.

If you are running a YouTube channel that focuses on being the go, such as an active channel, something like a GoPro is what you need. Whether you are a skateboarder, a cycler, a mountain biker, a skier, or anything in between, if it involves fast-paced action, then look for an action camera.

The other options include DSLR and mirrorless cameras. DSLR cameras are great in terms of their video and photo qualities, although they generally are not the best choice for people who are on the go. If you are on the go a lot, and what matters is video and photo resolution, a slightly more compact mirrorless camera might be what you need.

2. A Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

Your camera can be the best in the world, but if you don't have a tripod or a gimbal to stabilize it, you’re going to run into issues. Shaky and blurry video is not something people want to watch.

If you're using something like a GoPro strapped to your head or body, this will not be much of an issue. However, other than that, you will want something to stabilize your camera, to eliminate the shakiness and blurriness caused by movement. So, whether you're using a camcorder, a mirrorless or a DSLR camera, a tripod can keep things blur- and shake-free. But, of course, a tripod is designed to be stationary.

However, if you want to take action shots, a small handheld gimbal stabilizer is a better option. Once you decide whether or not you will be on the go while shooting your videos, you can select between a tripod or a gimbal stabilizer.

3. An External Microphone

The next thing you need to account for is the audio. The visuals are important, but every good video requires good audio. Therefore, you need an external microphone. As with cameras, there are various microphone types, so let's take a look at some that might be good for you.

The first is a simple USB microphone that plugs into your computer. USB microphones are tiny, cheap, simple, and versatile. If you're going to be sitting in front of your computer, this is probably all you’ll need.

Another thing that you can use is a lapel mic that you attach to your shirt. These are ideal because they're often wireless, so you can transmit from a distance. This is the kind of mic that people use when giving speeches because it's positioned on your shirt and doesn't need to be handheld. The quality of these mic's is often not the best, but they're good enough for talking and for quiet music.

If you want the best possible audio quality and plan on being stationary most of the time,  you can go with either a shotgun microphone or a condenser microphone. These are pretty expensive microphones, but if you are aiming for top-notch audio quality, these are what you need. Of course, there are differences between condenser and shotgun microphones you need to be aware of, but these are the two best types for operating a YouTube channel.

Another way to improve your audio quality is to convert your audio to opus. Opus is a high-quality audio codec that can produce better sound than other codecs like MP3. Converting your audio to opus can help you improve the quality of your videos without having to spend extra on expensive equipment.

Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel

4. Lighting

If you're taking action shots outside, lighting will not be an issue if you’re in sunlight. However, if you're shooting video indoors, then you will probably need extra lighting. As with cameras and microphones, there are different types of lights.

If you have a large professional camera and want great lighting, on-camera lights can be mounted directly to a video camera. These are often used for documentaries and wedding videos. These lights are usually very small and convenient.

Another type is a softbox that is used to emulate soft light from a bulb. This is excellent if you want to add lighting to an area without producing overly harsh shadows.

The next option is the ring light, which is a favorite among video bloggers or vloggers. What's really cool about this kind of light is that it eliminates shadows from all directions, making people look more attractive. This type of lighting is often used by makeup and beauty vloggers.

The other type of light is the umbrella light, an inexpensive and portable light designed for video makers who like soft lighting.

5. Background

If you plan to shoot videos from home, you might want to invest in a good background. This is totally up to you, and it all depends on the visual effect you are going for. A simple wall in your room might be all the background you need.

6. A Good Computer

Yet another important piece of equipment for starting a YouTube channel is a good computer. Whether you go with a PC or a laptop is totally up to you, but it should have good resolution and excellent processing power.

7. The Right Video Editing Software

Perhaps one of the most important things for a YouTube channel is good video editing software. Of course, the shooting itself is essential, but you usually have to edit your videos to make them look as good as possible. You can use the YouTube video editor to upload your videos, but let's face it – the YouTube video editor isn't that good. If you want good video editing software, Adobe is a brand to check out.

8. A Good Monitor or Two

If you plan on running your own YouTube channel, you might want to invest in a large monitor with good resolution. It's not critical, but it certainly makes editing easier.

Other Considerations

This isn't what you'd call equipment but it's an important part of most YouTube videos these days; music. Whether intro or outro music or just good background music, it's an important part to making your video sound more professional and can add a feel to the video being drama, action, or whatever tempo your trying to present. There are plenty of options for getting music for your video's, whether it's royalty-free music tracks or track you pay for. Do a search and you will find large libraries of tracks available for you to use in your videos today and take them to the next level.


What is the Most Important Piece of Equipment for a YouTube Channel?

The only thing that you absolutely cannot do without is a good camera. Most phones, these days have the ability to shoot good quality film, so that's definitely an option.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel?

Starting a channel is technically free. The only costs associated with it are the equipment costs.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a short-video section that helps you deliver diverse content easily. YouTube Shorts are highly engaging, can educate the user quickly, and help you portray brand values in a unique manner.  You can promote these YouTube shorts on websites. Apart from web pages, you can also repurpose shorts on multiple marketing use-cases like social media, retargeting ads, emailers, and more.

Can My YouTube Channel Make Money?

Yes, YouTube compensates people based on the number of views and subscribers that a channel gets, once you reach a certain level.


When it comes down to it, if we have to condense this, the three most important things you need for your YouTube channel are a good camera, a good mic, and decent video editing software.


These are the eight most important pieces of equipment for starting a YouTube channel. You can either start one from scratch or buy an existing business. Of course, if you're on a budget, you can always narrow the list even more, just keeping in mind that the camera and microphone are the two most essential components for this online business model.

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