15 Tools to Create Digital Products in 2021

15 Great Tools to Create Digital Products in 2023

The market for digital products has grown exponentially over the past decade. Digital products are easier to produce than physical products. So we want to provide some of the best tools to create digital products for your online business.

Read on to find out which 15 tools you can use to create digital products and how these can help you make more sales.

Digital Product Ideas

If you have a saleable skill, it makes sense to use it to increase your revenue. You don’t have to relinquish your brick-and-mortar business to sell digital products. You can sell digital and physical products simultaneously.

Consider this: A photographer makes his income selling photos. He can only sell as much as he is capable of doing physically. He has to be present when he takes the shot. But when he starts selling his photos and video content digitally online under license, he earns passive income.

The number of customers he can access increases significantly when his sales are not restricted by geographic boundaries.

The Process of Creating, Selling, and Marketing Digital Products

There are several steps involved in the creation, distribution, and sale of digital products. Listed below:

  • Compile digital product ideas
  • Do your market research to ensure that there is a demand for the digital product that you plan to market
  • Obtain the components that you require for the production of your digital product
  • Choose the right tools to create digital products
  • Test your digital product
  • Market your product
  • Plan your product launches
  • Launch the product

Now that you are ready to start creating your digital products, you may be at a loss as to where to begin.

There are plenty of tools to create digital products. They begin with market research through digital product creation, on to marketing and sales. We’ve investigated and found some of the best tools used to create digital products.

15 Tools to Create Digital Products in 2021

All the Tools to Create Digital Products

The creation process must include research, creation, sales, and marketing. You should spend as much time on marketing your digital products as you do creating them.

Bear this in mind when you choose the tools to create digital products for your digital product ideas.

You will need a website or landing page, email campaigns, and social media marketing at the very least before your product launches.

You’ll also need the means to distribute your product, whether through your own online store or a ready to use platforms like Amazon or Etsy. 

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Tools for Market Research

Market research is a necessity. There is no point in launching a downloadable product unless it generates demand. Test your digital product ideas before you spend time and effort on a product that doesn’t sell.

Use Google Trends to search for keywords that might offer you an opportunity to earn revenue through digital products. Google Trends will show you how popular a phrase has been over a period of time.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is part of Google AdWords. Here you can analyze the volume of monthly searches and the forecast competition for the words. High demand with lower competition will offer you the best chance of succeeding in that niche.

Tools for Creating Digital Products

1. Background Remover

Background Remover works like magic. Just upload images that need the backgrounds removed and hit go. AI will handle the work of selecting the subject, masking the image, and removing the background. In short order, you will get back neatly clipped transparent PNG images. 

2. Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler enlarges low-quality images up to 64 megapixels without losing quality until they reach 8000px on either of the sides. This resolution is good enough for both UHD display screens and excellent quality printouts. With this image upscaler, enlarged faces look natural, and detailed with no waiting-like effect. 

3. Face Swapper

With the Face Swapper tool, you can swap faces or bodies online without quality loss in 5-10 seconds. Businesses use stock photos of the same models to promote services and goods. Face Swapper is here to bring more diversity to your visuals and make them unique. It uses advanced AI algorithms to swap faces, ensuring that your photos are unique. 

4. Canva

Canva is a great design tool for beginners or creators who are not all that tech-savvy. Use it to create pamphlets, brochures, e-book covers, and the like. Use the templates as a foundation to create your own personalized artwork.

Even if you only use the free version of Canva, you’ll have access to many templates, images, and free photos. If your online business requires more advanced features to market or create your product, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro-version and pay a subscription.

5. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is designed to help digital product designers and social media marketers create beautiful images. It contains photo editing tools that are easy to use on both a laptop or a mobile phone.

All work is carried out in your browser, so there is no need to download the software.

6. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark enables the creation of beautiful pictorial stories. It contains a library of images and photos from which you can choose. Then you add text and select the filters. You can also make video content using Adobe Spark.

The Adobe bundle has digital tools for making animated videos and images for your social media marketing. You don’t have to download Adobe Spark. It resides in your browser and will sync across devices.

7. CoverVault

Covervault is a great resource to help you design a beautiful, captivating cover for your e-book. Pre-designed covers allow newly hatched authors to dress their new e-book for the market. The covers are sold just once, so you won’t see your cover on another book.

Video Content Tools

Video content is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet today. On average, people watch about 16 hours of video on screen every week. This is according to a Wyzowl Survey.

Videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. So, if you’re not using video, you’re missing out.

Even if you’re using a professional filming crew to create your digital product, you may want to try your hand at video content for your product launches or social media alerts. Video tools to create digital products will help you do just that.

1. Quik

The mobile app, Quik, takes pictures from your gallery and splices them together into a video. You can also edit the creation to suit your brand.

2. OpenShot

Use the intuitive video editor, OpenShot, to create and edit powerful video content. It’s free to use. 

3. Movavi

Movavi Video Editor helps you transform your video footage into something truly amazing. You can create tutorials or marketing videos, edit gameplay clips, or just make a slideshow from your last vacation in this video editor with no watermark.

Among the key features, the software provides a library of music, transitions, titles, and special effects, advanced color grading and stabilization, motion tracking, AI background removal and noise reduction, audio enhancement, and a lot more.

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Podcast Creation Tools

Video and audio products such as podcasts have become increasingly popular, driven by smartphone use. 37% of the population of the US listened to a podcast in the last month.

So, this vast market for audio products is worth tapping into, and there is are tools to create digital products explicitly created for podcast creation.

1. PodBean

PodBean is a free-to-use digital tool for producing both audio and video podcasts. It distributes to most platforms. The analytics ensure that your online business success is measured so you can take action to improve your metrics.

You can also monetize your podcast when you use the integrated advertising system.

Online Course Creation Tools

If you are an expert in your field, you may consider creating an online course to share your expertise with others. Online courses are popular digital products, and you can grow to more advanced courses.

This helps increase passive income streams for your online business with minimal extra cost.

1. Thinkific

Thinking of teaching online? Thinkific is an all-inclusive tool for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. You can create your own courses rich in multi-media content or upload current courses onto the platform.

Your online courses can include video content, audio products, text, images, interactive quizzes, and more.

Thinkific allows drip release of content. You can also use this tool to create beautiful websites and landing pages for your online business.

Websites and Landing Page Tools

An online business won’t even get off the ground without a website or a landing page. You can, of course, hire professional web designers to create yours, but there are also some helpful tools out there.

1. Thrive Architect

Looking to sell your new digital product? If your website is in WordPress, you’ll find a massive collection of sales page templates in Thrive Architect. They are compatible with WordPress.

You can customize the templates to suit your brand, add your payment gateway, and you’re good to go.

2. Leadpages

If you don’t have a WordPress website, you can use Leadpages to design and create sales and landing pages. You can also create mobile responsive web pages. Use the drag-and-drop builder to customize your pages to suit your brand.

Leadpages offers easy-to-read analytics so you can follow the success of your marketing and sales efforts and tweak your strategies to improve traffic and conversions.  

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Selling Your Digital Product Tools

Use Stripe or PayPal for payment directly or on a subscription basis. You can connect to these payment platforms directly from your website with the following tools:

1. WooCommerce

Looking for an instant online shop? With WooCommerce, you’ll be selling from your shop in minutes. This digital tool is a plug-in for WordPress sites. Set up the payment options to suit your requirements.

2. Thrive Cart

The point of creating a digital product is to sell it for a profit. Without a gateway, you can’t sell. With Thrive Cart, you can accept payments for your digital products. The platform also offers you the choice of adding an up-sell, enhancing your chance of increasing revenues.

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An All-In-One Platform

1. Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that offers a complete toolbox for your digital product's production, sale, and marketing. What’s more, it provides your online business a means to deliver your product to the customer.

You can use Kajabi to build almost any digital product you can think of, from online courses to membership sites and more.

The Kajabi product builder has several themes that you can use to build websites, landing pages, and more for your online businesses.

Add your own touches using the customization tools to personalize your product and marketing messages so that they stand out from the competition.

Kajabi also has a CRM system and integrated email marketing software. Options such as memberships, file downloads, and training portals make this product a choice well worth considering. 

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What is Digital Product Creation?

Digital creation is the process of producing and prototyping a digital product for distribution across the internet. A digital product is intangible. It is software-enabled and has no physical attributes. The product is sold and distributed electronically.

Online businesses that create and sell digital products can sell many copies of the same product.

What Are Some Examples of Digital Products?

Digital products come in various shapes and forms. Examples of downloadable products include:

  • Music
  • eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Video content
  • Audio products
  • Photography
  • Digital art
  • Digital tools
  • Online courses
  • Online template offers

Why Sell Digital Products Versus Physical Goods?

If you have a skill that you can sell, it is possible to create a digital product at little expense. Unlike physical products, a digital product requires no assembly line, nor do you need a warehouse.

Digital products are easily scalable. You can sell them anywhere in the world as distribution is easy and instantaneous. In addition, you can sell the same product repeatedly without any further expenses.  

What Kind of Digital Products Sell Best?

The market for digital products is growing every year. There are some products, however, that sell more quickly than others. An example of this is eBooks as they are relatively easy to make since all you need to produce them is engaging text and images to match.

The popularity of video content has been growing over the years, and well-made and interesting video footage sells well. Audio products, photography, software, and online courses are also popular digital products.


Creating digital products is easier than ever, especially in light of all the tools to create digital products you can use to do just that.

In the end, the objective is not just to create a digital product. It is to build an online business that makes money out of the products that you have made.

The steps are clear. Test your digital product ideas in the marketplace before spending any time, money, or effort on the production process.

Marketing is key to successful product launches, so you should spend as much time on marketing as you do in the creation process. Take your product to the market and create hype before you launch.

Take your online business to new heights by using the appropriate tools to create digital products and market your downloadable products.

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