Are you sick of the hype online… all trying to help you launch an online business but none covering the whole journey?

How do you piece them all together to successfully navigate your way through? We created specifically to help solve this problem. We give you the total process from start to finish in a free, easily to follow way. We want you to be able to escape the 9 to 5, live the freedom you crave, get financially liberated, work where and when you want, all the way enjoying the journey and loving your JOB. You don’t have to hate Mondays! It’s not get rich quick and it takes time and effort. Start here, start now. It’s up to you.

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How to be Your Own Boss!

Start Your Journey

We are Emily and Blair and our mission is to provide you with all the step by step advice on starting your online journey. This free library is dedicated to helping you navigate the online start up world in a clear and enjoyable way. Not only do we break down the start up process, but we also delve into you and give ways for you to stay fit and healthy in your business and have some fun along the way. So, what are you waiting for?

How does it work? This library is set out in Journey Steps which are the stages you will go through in starting up your online business. You can easily navigate these via the bullets on the right or via the navigator in the side bar of each article. You choose what stage you are at or what information you need and then jump into the content. If starting out fresh, then begin at Step 1 and work your way through.

If there’s something missing and you really want to know about it then contact us and we’ll come back with the info.

Journey Steps

Need Help?

In this section we provide you with the opportunity to connect with us for coaching help as well as some recommendations on educational courses you can take to upskill your business knowledge. Our resources page provides you with links to all of the online providers and services you will need in creating and growing your business. 

Get Connected

Keeping in touch with the who’s who of online is key to inspiring you and keeping up to date with the latest changes. We provide recommendations for key social media influencers, coaches and business icons so you can simply subscribe to them and easily get connected.

Free Downloads

We’re working hard to give you a huge resource for free checklists, templates and ebooks to help you systemise and organise your online start up journey. Free to download and use in your business right now.

Get Set Up

Some of the best inspiration we get, comes from reading. This section provides you with a library of the books we read and love. Having the right gear is key to getting your business off the ground and we have provided a look at the gear we have tried and tested.

Our tools section is a handy collection of useful tools which you can use to get work done quickly



The EMILY and BLAIR podcast

Check out our podcast Elevating Business where we discuss everything that is starting and running an online business. We provide up to date tips and tricks to help you with your online journey.

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